I learned a lesson from a professor who never answered a question during the whole semester and only would respond, “It’s in the Book!”  Over the years, I’ve learned to adopt this same practice except for those who don’t have the Book, but if you have one and admit to me you have not read it, then my response to whatever question you might ask is the same, “It’s in the Book.”  Why is this?  Because it is a shame for anyone who name the name of Christ, and have not read the Book of Christ, the Bible, will attempt to question me who has read the Book, since the age of 11, at least once a year, and one year read it eleven times.  I know the answer to all questions are, “in the Book”.

Today, I pay tribute to someone who took my challenge over a year ago, who now has “read” the Book, from cover-to-cover.  Sheryl, “congratulations” on a job well done.  I have watched you, encouraged you, pointed back to when you sloughed off, but you have managed to complete the task.  I have not been impressed with how much you have grown because of your knowledge for I’ve experienced the same, but it goes to my amazement and confirmation for those many who have not read it and think they’re impressive because they “think” to know it!  How can one possibly understand what has not be read?  Yet, you think you can question those who have read it, when you have no possible connection, contextual understanding of the truths which can only be gleaned by reading it, cover-to-cover!  In fact, one who has read it can hear your question and know for a fact, you haven’t read it at all!  Someone who is down the road is able to gauge where someone is who is traveling the same road, but the one who is behind the one who is down the road is not in a position to question his experience, haven’t gotten more than them!

While certainly there are scholars who may have read it several times, too, yet are befuddled and questioning their peers in trying to find an answer to a question of doctrine.  There are many differing faiths because of having read the Book but not having come to an understanding of the Book.  We fail to realize there is only One God.  There is only One Way to God and this is through Christ.  Our relationship with Christ will often take us on different routes but He has the capability to bring us back into the Fold when we’ve strayed because of our personality, character, pride, biases, and pure stupidity.  He is patient with us in this way.

However, in that Day when He shall come again, those who are alive would have achieved the goal those dead could only hope to have seen, a group of people numbered as the 144,000 who were unified in their understanding, talk and walk, who professed One Thing and One Thing only and were able to stand against all the wiles of the enemy.  My Bible tells me they were “virgins” meaning they didn’t mingle, accept or tried to understand that which was not of God.  They were pure in their faith and the Bible also says, in their mouths there was no guile.  They spoke the truth and nothing but the truth!

So, what’s next, student who has completed such a task?  The answer is quite simple:  you begin in the beginning, again.  Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 awaits you.


March 26, 2015


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