This morning, a quotation stirred an inspirational thought.  It is, “Indecision soon becomes decision in the wrong direction.”

Of recent, several have sent in questions to be posted on various groups, which I denied.  Two of which stands out foremost in my thinking.  They were:

  1. How do we know God is three separate beings, and
  2. How do we know the Israelites lived in Egypt?

In both cases, I responded, “Because the Bible says so.”

One of the dangers, which will occur in these last days, will be doubting the Bible.  There are too many who consider themselves, “Christian” who won’t read it, cover-to-cover as there are those who will read it but doubt what it says.  Both of these positions is not a desirable place to have one’s self.  I’m a writer.  If I wrote a book and you have a question regarding something I wrote, and you know me and have contact with me, does it make sense to ask your friend their opinion?  About what I wrote?  No, it does not.  You would be better off to ask me.  The same with the Bible.  You KNOW the Author, so ask Him when you have questions and concerns.  DO NOT seek the opinion of others for then you will be placing your soul salvation in the hands of someone who may be worse off than you.  Too many people are guilty of doing this on these various social networks.  You DO NOT know who your respondent may be.  You have no idea whose side they’re on regardless of what they may write or seem to be.  And this counsel goes for even “me”!  Think about it:  you don’t know who I am.  Sure, I may have inspired many but you don’t know what my intent is, no matter how much I may “claim” to serve and love God, I may be just as confused as the next guy.  You need to make your quest for obtaining salvation a “personal” one.  You AND God. God AND you.

When you spend time in the Scriptures, ask Him what your question is.  Watch and see how He brings about the answer in another verse.  The Holy Spirit will illumine your mind and provide answers and guidance, but you have to believe what He says.  It takes: faith.  One of my favorite quotes, I coined many years ago is, “Faith is having faith when faith is lacking.”  If God said He was going to destroy the world by water, believe it.  Don’t question by asking, “Did He “only” destroy the part which was inhabited?”  WHO CARES!  One person sent the question, “What language did Adam and Eve used?”  WHO CARES!  We know they spoke with God, and each other, and this should suffice.

When you begin to ask a lot of questions and it has no purpose regarding your soul salvation, you will begin to have many doubts and your indecision will have made the final decision, for you, and it won’t be what you want.  Perhaps THIS is why Jesus instructed His disciples to have the “faith of a little child”.  Too many of us are TOO grown to acknowledge the simple things of the Bible and it’s really not that complicated.  Some of you are using this phrase to justify your inquiries into matters which are quite apparent already without the need of questioning, “Well, the Bereans studied their Bibles daily…” Yeah, perhaps they did, but there is no record of who they were and what their final position became although it is recorded, “many of them believed”, which concludes many of them didn’t!  My point, what is given, take at face value.  What is not given, don’t make it such an issue.  Don’t question yourself out of the Church of Christ, out of fellowship with the Fold, and out of Heaven for eternity.


December 29, 2014


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