The impression which is made, upon me, are these regarding the event surrounding the giving of the Ten Commandments.  First, God had instructed the people to prepare to meet Him.  There were certain requirements they had to follow or risk being destroyed.  They also learned there would be a boundary which would protect them.  However, what strikes me most, probably because I hate to do it, is the fast Moses underwent to further prepare him to come into the presence of God.  The longest I’ve ever fasted was two days, going without food or drink, and whenever I’m in the realm of those calling for “fasting”, I’m making my way, um, “fastly” from the place!  (I think I just made up a word—fastly, but you know what I mean.)

What is striking is what occurred when Moses returned from the mount after God had given Moses His “hand-written” commands on stone.  Moses would be so incensed seeing the idolatry of the people who are, get this, “in” the presence of God, he breaks those tablets because of the people’s actions having violated the first four of those “Commandments”, making their relation to God having also been broken, whether they knew it or not, accepted it or not, but now realized it was.

Then Moses repeats the “dreaded” fast—again!  God repeated His act by writing the Commandments for the second time and there would be no deviation, no lessening of them due to the people’s obvious inability to keep them after so shortly seeing all the fanfare, trumpets blasting, fire and smoke ensuing from the mountain when God took a moment to be with His people.  This time, while they might have complained, hidden their choice gods, committing idolatry afterward, those Commandments withstood any and all assaults and insults against them, having been written in stone, by the finger of God, and yet today’s Christians are just as guilty!

Moses broke the first tables because of what he saw and today Christians are breaking them by what they do.  Israel worshipped the golden calf and today’s Christians worship the sun.  They’ve done away with the eternal Commandments having taken to themselves the commandments of men, added with customs and traditions, and believe they are in the presence of God, even to the point of manufacturing their idea of the fanfare.  Trumpets blasting is replaced by Hammond B3’s and raucous singing and preaching, fire and smoke from their misuse of the power of the Holy Spirit believed to fuel their heathen-like services, openly displaying their disdain for God’s Law and those who, like Moses, oft times must repair to the mountain top to gain a closeness with God—again.

I want to tell you today, it does not matter what we do because God never changes.  What we believe doesn’t matter if we choose to believe contrary to God.  He won’t lessen His word.  He won’t change His Commandments to suit our inability or lack or desire to comply.  He won’t extend “grace” to compensate for neglect, willfulness or plain out contrariness.  He extends grace for “sin”.  Sin when we did not know.  Sin when we did know but failed.  But there is no resolve for the continuing, hard-hearted and obstinate person who wishes to have it “their way”.  While it might work for McDonald’s, it does not work within the community of God.

Time to put away our man-made golden calf and accept God’s written word.


March 24, 2016