I’m having a discussion with a “young” Christian, and I don’t mean her physical age but her understanding of Scripture.  She does not see the story of Lot and how the city, Sodom, represents illicit sexuality which is condemned in Scripture, more specifically, sodomy, as in the story’s case bespeaks of homosexual activity between men.  Her acclaim:  “That’s a misconception. It said nothing about sodomy anywhere. It said the people were wicked. Nothing about being gay or lesbian.”  One merely have to see the name of the particular city, for it was given for a reason.  One would have to understand “line upon line” and see where in Genesis 4 God, in Scripture, mentioned how Adam “knew” Eve and as a result a child was born.

There are those whose understanding is limited because they want to see specifics and not recognize the Bible is interpreted by the office of the Holy Spirit, and He only works with those who will allow Him to have full entry into their lives and hearts.  Some, for safety reasons, wish to remain so literal they’re not able to understand the hidden treasure.  They are not able to read between the lines, as it were, or see contextual truth explained by parables.  This explains why the parable of Abraham and Lazarus, for many, is an actual story and their understanding between heaven and hell becomes muddled.

If literalness was necessary, then I expect we should see a beast rising out of a sea, as in the book Revelation.  Or an actually woman riding on a dragon, and literally running into the wilderness after having given birth.  Or the two witnesses of Revelation 11 are actually two “OLD” VERY OLD guys who died, bodies lying in the streets and then all of a sudden they become resurrected and go to heaven!  Where numbers like 2300, 2520, 1290, 1350, 42 months, times, times and a half a time, and others are literal because prophetical is beyond the scope of understanding.

True, it can be confusing about what is written in the Scriptures and not written but implied.  Sure, it is safe to stand upon the literal written word and deny what God meant because He could have only meant what He said.  This has to be an absolute truth:  God is not confused about what He said or had written, and if there is any confusion it remains with us!  There is one other absolute truth and this is:  God would not purposefully set out to confuse His people.  He has promised to make it clear, and He did, when He sent us the gift of His Holy Spirit to “guide” into “all” truth, which simply means “bypassing all error”.

Some of us are not bypassing anything and continue living and quite comfortably, in error.  Some of us refuse to use the Biblical standard for interpretation and recognize the Bible is its own best interpreter.  The methodology of “line upon line” and “precept upon precept” is the only method whereby we would be able to understand anything.  I met a man who entered the New York prison system illiterate, and I mean, literally could not write or read, yet testified by being confined with the King James Bible, and God, was enabled to learn how to read and write!  And there are some who will state the KJV is too difficult!

The Bible contains treasure upon treasure of hidden gold just waiting to be discovered.  The funny thing, where one has to dig for gold on this planet, it is left on the surface of pages of Holy Writ, and all one has to do is just pick it up and read!  The digging is not within the Book as much as it is in removing the dirt which covers our minds.  This is where the real digging must be.  We have to be willing to move some old stuff around, as well as get rid of some stuff which serves no purpose, and when we have cleared some space within our understanding THEN and only THEN will we have room for the treasure which is easily available.  Yet, the Bible is clear, too; there will be those who see but won’t see, and hear but won’t hear, what the Spirit saith unto them.  It is not the time to be blind and deaf.  God will use our sense of sight and hearing in order to reach our sense, which is not common, but needful to fully understand our relationship with Him and for Him to get us to Him, to live in eternal happiness.

March 25, 2017