It is nice reading Scripture and come across the stories of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joseph, Noah, David, Solomon, Paul, and even Christ.  It is nice to learn what they did, who they affected and the life they lived.  And it is wishful thinking wondering what it would be like to have them here, right now, and being in their presence, but the truth of the matter is, it is our turn now.

God used those men, and women, to change the world and the lives which were in it.  The world has not stopped existing and God is doing the same thing, today, with you and I, if only we would let Him.  There is no need to wonder what these great people have done during their time because now it is our time and there are many more great things which need to be accomplished.  Today, someone paid me a nice compliment and said, “I like learning from you.”  Not, Abraham, Moses or Paul, but Bro. Roy!  Why is this happening?  Because I know it is “my” turn and I’m supposed to fill in where my elders have done their part many, many years ago.  And if I do my part properly, then my name will go on the books, my story will be told, and there will be those who want to liken themselves to us simply because we believed and acted our part because it is our turn now.

When I am on Facebook and see people I have grown up with, people whose children are grown and doing great things, it makes me proud knowing there are some of us who are taking these days seriously, realizing it is “our turn” and making a difference in the world, through Christ.  Are you studying with anyone?  If not, get one.  If you are, you’re doing it because you’ve realized it is “our” turn.  Are you a student contemplating if ministry is your life’s calling?  Go forward because what you do will have eternal consequences on someone’s life and this is an awesome responsibility.

We can look back and see Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joseph, Noah, David, Solomon, and Paul.  But Christ looks forward and He’s sees Hattie, Dana, MyRon, Craig, Preston, Gregory, Richard, Allen, Lura, Phyllis, Connie, Adrian, and others and you know who you are.  We may ask Moses, how did you feel leading those many people and Moses will in turn ask, how did you handle those wicked days just before He came?  Don’t be amazed at Paul because Paul will be amazed at you!  And why is this?

Because, it is “our” turn now so make the most of it.


May 30, 2015


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