For awhile, I wondered when it would be time to present understanding regarding the prophecy especially as it related to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling regarding homosexual marriage insofar as it will relate to Sunday Legislation.  Well, this morning is the day.  Allow me to share with you a quote I just read, part of a chapter which I will post later called, “Sunday Laws”:

“Those who are making an effort to change the Constitution and secure a law enforcing Sunday observance little realize what will be the result. A crisis is just upon us.”—Testimonies to the Church, Volume 5, pages 711, 753 (1889).

Let him who hath an ear, let him hear…

Notice the date of the quotation.  1889.  The previous year, Elder A. T. Jones, a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church was presenting before a U.S. Congressional Committee information refuting the Sunday Law Movement.  I have already presented the transcripts of this event in my “Note” section.  It has only been by the mercy of God this law has not been passed for the mere reason, up until now, many people did not even know God’s true Sabbath was Saturday and not Sunday.  The “Sabbath” revelation was not given until 1846.  Up until that time, the majority of the then Christian Reformation worshipped on Sunday, as it is today, except for two groups of “organized” religious bodies, the Seventh Day Baptist and Adventist.

June 26, 2015 the date given to the change of the first Edenic institution, there are two, “marriage and the Sabbath” was accomplished, by the U.S. Supreme Court indicating the “Constitution of the United States” gives protection and equality to homosexuals to marry.  In other words, it did not take an Act of Congress to write an Amendment or change the Constitution in order to pass a “national” law forbidden any of the 50 states or it’s lawful territories to continue banning their ability to marry.

We know, too, when any “national” law has been passed which counters God’s Commandments or Institutions, those nation suffered tragic and nationally involved calamitous events.  Usually it has always been fire, earthquake or water which brought those nations, empires and the like to its feet, some of which never recovered to date.

It is this author’s belief the same will occur to the United States.  Those of us who are students of prophecy are looking toward another event to take place, in the United States, in the month of September.  At this time, for the first time in history, the Roman Catholic Pope will address the United States Congress during an open session.  It is understood the Pope’s intended message will be regarding the “Constitution of the United States”!  It’s no wonder since it is the same Constitution being blamed for the protection and origination of homosexual marriage.  Now, let me make this point:  Other nations have already passed national laws regarding such, but those countries are not mentioned in Scripture as having pivotal roles in endtime events.

I believe, between now and September, the United States will undergo issues never before manifested.  I think you will see ministers and religious communities being accosted and arrested for having broken the law by refusing homosexuals to marry and not perform those marriages or allow them to be conducted in their churches.  This will now be categorized as a hate crime.  Even while incarcerated, when years ago homosexuals were often beaten, now they roam freely because anyone putting their hands on them in any confrontation except it being “self-defense” would be prosecuted under the “Hate” statute and can receive an additional five years on top of a new sentence, not running concurrent with the sentence which brought them to prison to begin with.  Who wants to be so close to the door only to have more time attached?

By the time the Pope makes his address to the U.S. Congress which NOW has a great Catholic footprint, who’s governing leader, the Vice President of the United States who can cast a vote in case of a tie, is also Catholic, to hear someone from the outside, such a great religious world leader who will stipulate it is the “Constitution” which is the problem, will have been given the idea perhaps consideration should be to hear him (the pope) and begin instituting religious reform to counteract what took place just a week ago.  You will find the Republican Party to begin coming together to bring “conservative” views since the Democrats have lost their collective mind and have opened the door to this mess we’re now experiencing.  Methinks, what Obama has done has pretty much closed the door on any hope Mrs. Clinton might have had.  The country will not stand for another “Obama-type” administration.  If you thought the gay community had activists wait and see what the straight community will do!

The last God-given institution, the “Sabbath” will now come under attack and legislation will be presented to return the United States to God.  Sounds good and even positive but the method won’t work and when you combine religion and state, you imminently encounter problems.  Ask Jesus how that worked out for Him!  The Constitution will be changed to reflect the government’s desire to move away from and to correct the “evils” of homosexuality being the cause of catastrophic events which will occur to the country being the punishment of God, thinking it will quell His anger, similar to how they used to make sacrifices to fictitious gods because of what was then a natural event, which won’t qualify as “natural” now!  Oh, it will be natural in its nature but it will be God’s judgments being felt.

This is an exciting time in our world’s history to be alive.  It is time now God’s is trying to get people’s attention to be saved before it is too late.  We DO need to return to God but not in the manner which will be imposed upon the people of the United States first and then the world.  We, you and I, must return to God’s Law in order to find peace, security and happiness.  You MUST find a “Commandment-keeping” church and worship the “true” God instead of the counterfeit who sits as God, thinking himself to be God and will do things equal or above god.  The world will be caught up in the delusion and when satan comes impersonating the second coming of Christ, how will you know it is a counterfeit?  Did you even know satan is going to do this?  Now you know when he did it you would have been fooled primarily because you do not KNOW your Bibles.  How many of you have gone through this day having not even opened it—once!

It is almost finished but you don’t have to be.

July 1, 2015


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