I’ve contemplated against writing this post because I think for many, it will come across as hatred, prejudice, politically incorrect and just plain old being mean; however, history is given and remembered as a guide for future circumstances, if we are willing to look back and learn and proceed accordingly.

With what is happening in the news of late in Paris can be as the result of the failure of Israel as well as the coalition of the United States and their allies.  When Israel suffered those 40 years for failing to “take” the Promised Land, I use the word “take” for a reason.  They were told to go and “take” it, cities already built, farmlands already cultivated. Now, the people living there currently will not go easy, but God would send “hornets” to drive them away and those who stayed were to be utterly destroyed—everything: men, women, children even cattle.  Consider King Saul’s situation.  Consider even Achan’s matter with keeping of the forbidden items which brought shame and death to themselves when it was promised no one would be lost.  Israel’s failure for doing what God told them now result in the issues they’re having with the Palestinians.  If they had followed God’s instruction, there would be no Palestinians today!

Islam will be a force of reckoning for these last days because prophecy said they would; however, it will not have been because of failure on God’s part in writing prophecy which now becomes our experience and history.  What is worse, our dealings with these extreme groups such as Al-Qaeda and presently ISIS is because we again will not heed the lesson of Israel and “utterly” destroy them.  There are those who believe the God of the Old Testament is somehow different from the God of the New Testament.  This is a fallacy.  My Bible states God never changes.  God does not repeat Himself, either, when a message has been given and understood and yet we will justify our actions as being reasonable and fine when it goes against His commands.  If Joshua and Caleb could witness today what they had failed to do then, they would be giving the command to “go forth”.  They would be repeating the same command of God, “spare not…”  If King Saul could be raised up and see what he had failed to do when directed against the Amalekites, he, too would stand at the speaker’s desk on the podium of the United Nations and say, “Go forth and spare not…”

We are not in a different time with a different enemy.  We are in a different time with the same enemy and nobody seems willing to “utterly destroy” them caring for those who are not combatants, so-called, and yet when these who should be utterly destroyed are not considering the non-combatants who sit in theaters, eat in cafes, work in places of business, etc. when they deploy their weapons of destruction and we hold batteries of such and should utilize them in destroying whole cities if necessary.

Some would argue, “Aren’t they God’s children, too?”  The answer remains, “They were God’s children then and He gave the command.”  We’re all “God’s children” but some of us He has disowned as well you read the account of Abraham not even mentioning Ismael as his son, or God saying Jacob He loved and hated Esau.  So, while we coddle, pick and choose, there will remain the pain of future suffering because our enemy doesn’t care and yet there is this fallacy of belief we should!


November 19, 2015