How some Christians believe the Sabbath was given to the Jews—exclusively!  Think about it for a moment.  They believe when God made the seventh day Sabbath, after having rested Himself on the first Sabbath, and blessing it, He would not tell Adam and Eve who WERE present, BUT the Jews, who were not even in existence at that time, and not for another 2500 years, to keep it!

Let’s ask an obvious question:  You tell, or command, your child to do something, BUT, it is understood by that child you are not speaking to him but really speaking to his great-great-great-great-great grandchild?!??!?!?!  Is this what you’re telling me God meant when He gave the command regarding the Sabbath?  If you’re shaking your head, about now, well, you should because it is ludicrous to think it is what God did.  To think that He didn’t bother to tell Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and wait another 400 years until Moses would be born and THEN give it to a group of select people!  No way and no how.

As equally foolish is this next consideration:  Jesus, whom many believe did away with the Commandments of God and more specifically the Sabbath Commandment, would yet tell the people, WARN the people to be mindful of that day, some 40 years AFTER His death, about the imminent destruction to Jerusalem!  If there were to be no Sabbath, the seventh day of the week, commencing at the resurrection, then why did Christ predict it would be an issue 40 years AFTER His death, when He would be around for forty days after the resurrection and had plenty of time to issue a new commandment about worshipping on Sunday, and THIS for the Christians!  Again, no way and no how.

Folk, this is not complicated.  Why are you keeping Sunday holy, or trying to, when there is no command from Christ, God or the Apostles.  Who fooled you into doing this?  I can only think of one person—the devil!

You see, the Fourth Commandment is the ONLY Commandment which commands people to worship the ONLY and TRUE God.  If he, the devil, can get people confused on this issue, and they choose some other day, then it is a fact those people ARE NOT worshipping the ONLY and TRUE God, but him and this is what he has desired to have and which got him kicked out of heaven!

Now, you and I aren’t in heaven yet, and we want to be, right?  So, stop doing what got him kicked out so you will have the right to enter.


February 20, 2016