“To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”

Add this quotation with the above verse, “If they belittle the law of God, if they pay no heed to His will as revealed in the testimonies of His Spirit, they are deceivers. They are controlled by impulse and impressions, which they believe to be from the Holy Spirit, and consider more reliable than the Inspired Word. They claim that every thought and feeling is an impression of the Spirit; and when they are reasoned with out of the Scriptures, they declare that they have something more reliable. But while they think that they are led by the Spirit of God, they are in reality following an imagination wrought upon by Satan.”

This is the standard whereby those who are truly serious in religious matters should base their understanding when someone comes along supposedly sharing what they understand to be truth.  When Isaiah wrote this inspired text it was to serve for all ages.  Isaiah only knew of one law, the Ten Commandments, often also called the, “Testimony”.  So, the point to be made is, whenever I encounter someone who want to share their faith, if what they’re saying doesn’t agree with the Ten Commandments, their presentation is false.  If they try to tell me the Ten Commandments are done away with, or, under an old covenant, their presentation is false.  Some will even go so far as to state its “old testament” and therefore not applicable to present day Christian, given to the Jews.  Then, too, their presentation is false.

I like the ending of this particular verse, “…it is because there is no light in them.”  People who present these types of messages, as the Bible so aptly states, “there is no light in them.”  Oh, there is “a” spirit, but it is not the “Holy” Spirit!  The light they think they have, pales in comparison with the “Greater” light available to all men, so why do they continue to choose error instead of truth?  It is because they’ve been deceived and those who are the greatest deceived seem to be making the most noise, these days!

Friends, and I call you “friend” still, please, let it be clear and understood, if you are attempting to “witness” to me and first of all you do not believe the Ten Commandments are still binding upon man, upon Christians today, you might as well go the next door, is what I tell the Jehovah’s Witnesses, because I’m not interested in whatever it is you have to say.  I am not going to rent you space in my brain to share error because what you have has no light whatsoever and I needn’t allow to happen to me what has already happened to you.  You stayed too long at the table of satan and dined deliciously upon the false meat he has been long in preparing and never bothered to get the true “spiritual” meat which Christ has been preparing since the beginning of this world.

Sorry, but I’m not willing to partake what you’re sharing!  I’m only taking slices of truth.


November 12, 2014


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