Isaiah 8:20

“To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” Isaiah 8:20 (KJV)

I was involved in a conversation and it was suggested another individual, a minister, be invited to share and give comments.  I asked two questions of my friend:  (1) Are they believers the Ten Commandments are binding, and (2) Are they Sabbath-keepers?  To make a long story short, the individual was not a Sabbath-keeper; therefore, I chose to speak with this individual another time, separately. Why?

For one, to keep down confusion and only deal with it in a manageable and controlled environment.  Why?  Because it tends to work better than having multiple questions which are not being answered, the onslaught of text being used out of context, and after whatever time is invested, what would be the benefit?  Usually nothing!

I think we need to take Isaiah’s admonition seriously.  Oh, we can quote the text but are we bold enough to put the text in operation?  Are we willing to stand and say, in love, of course, “My brother, there is no light in what you will contribute, at this time; however, we can most assuredly speak again.”

I’ve often pondered this dilemma most Christians find themselves.  When in a discussion most likely one is correct and the other is wrong.  Now, when both are wrong, it is just the same outcome as when the one who is not correct refuses to accept correction.  So, what would be the point?  When both are correct, there is really no discussion but a confirmation of what is already understood as truth.  There has to be this acceptance, this particular truth:  “There is truth.”  When we are on different sides of a discussion, one of us “HAS” to be wrong!  We cannot be both correct. Now, how do we establish which one is correct and the other incorrect?  I have to refer to Brother Isaiah.

If someone does not speak according the to the “Law of God” the “Ten Commandments” which are also called the “Testimony” in Exodus and throughout other Scripture, the Bible is clear:  THERE IS NO LIGHT IN THEM.  It does not mean they are not good people.  It does not mean they are not honest people.  It does not mean they are not searching people.  It does not mean they are lost people.  It simply means they haven’t learned the truth and their whole ideology will be skewed.  Their context, their understanding will not be explicit and complete truth.  Perhaps this is why Jesus didn’t bother to parley with satan after His fast of 40 days because Christ knew the truth.  The devil knew the truth, too, but he had to flee.

Am I calling this gentleman the devil?  God forbid.  He’s my brother.  And even without having met him, sharing only a few minutes, I love him, but I’m cautioned how to speak with him, and it has to be done properly, prayerfully, respectfully, because right now, only one of us know the truth!

Either we are bold for the truth or we are not.  It is time to take a stand and let it be clear which side we stand on.


September 12, 2015