I recently acquired a new friend from a post someone else is responsible for and in sharing learned she considers herself, “Non-denomination”.  I remember when this movement began in the sixties, it being a popular and supposed answer against the various fellowships which were known by particular names.  This group would have their believers believed they were adhering to the Word of God—only, and not by any particular name designated, by man.  So-called “non-denominational” churches have sprung up in recent years, providing them a home.  In essence, to call one’s self a “non-denomination” makes them into a “denomination” by this very fact.  It just means they’re not wanting to identify themselves by a particular name like Adventist, Methodist, Baptist, etc.  In fact, it may even extend to a greater sense since they’re not Jewish nor Muslim and consider themselves, “Christian”.

Now, while it is an ideal proposition to be able to worship anywhere, with fellow believers, the reality is in our fallen state this is not possible.  In fact, to classify one’s self as being able to worship with all “God’s children” no matter the faith/belief is really a tool of satan called, “Ecumenism” which we are warned as being associated with the “image of the beast”.  Ecumenism is when “all faiths” are joined together in a common bond and we know from prophecy this will take place prior to Christ’s coming and recent news regarding the Catholic church and the Protestant joining hands to claim the “protest” is over is indicative of this fact!  Satan always, I repeat, “always” has a counterfeit in order to deceive the people.  We know God will have a “separate” people.  Satan will have a “separate” so-called but body of believers who “think” they’re following God, but who are not!

When Jesus came, He “separated” Himself and even in His commission to His Disciples specifically indicated what their ministry would be and to whom.  In fact, the call of the angel in Revelation 18:4 specifies God calling “His” people out from this body of general believers or Ecumenism.  These “called-out” believers would be grouped into a separate body and known by a designated name, a “denomination” if you will, “commandment-keepers”.  While it is true, those who believe in the second coming of Christ can be considered “Adventist”, the real question boils down as to whether you are a seventh day Adventist verses a first day Adventist.  If you are a “commandment-keeper”, the true designation between God’s people, this would therefore make you a “seventh day Adventist” a “denomination” chosen, selected and designated, by God, and there is nothing to be ashamed about this.

The fact is, I cannot worship at any church nor at any given time.  Either the church stands for Biblical truth or it doesn’t.  Either the church is based upon God’s Ten Commandments or it is not.  If it is not, then I have no business worshiping there EXCEPT for the purpose of witnessing to them before it is too late.

When God, in prophecy, made it known He had a church for these last days He qualified who they would be in Revelation 12:17:

“And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Rev 12:17 (KJV)

God’s “church”, His “people”, would be known by: (1) keep the Commandments of God, and (2) have the testimony of Jesus Christ.  While the majority might have the “testimony of Jesus Christ” they fall short when it comes to “keeping the Commandments of God”.  Therefore, they cannot be God’s church!  So, it would behoove me to find that body of believers, a church, perhaps even designated by a particular name, who “keep the Commandments of God” and also “have the testimony of Jesus Christ”, and there is such a group, a denomination “thank the Lord” and they are known by the name:  Seventh Day Adventist.

A name, a denomination if you will, is given so we’re able to identify who it is.  We’re each given a name to identify who we are.  If we are all known by the same name or no name, then how can we tell who any of us are?

When Christ returns He’ll be bringing back with Him a people who are known by “His” name.  It will be those who “testify of Him” and who “keeps His Father’s Ten Commandments”.  If you are not in both of these categories it would not matter what you called yourself or not.


May 8, 2015


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