While completing this morning’s devotion, I came across this quotation:

“The proclamation of the first, second, and third angels’ messages has been located by the Word of Inspiration. Not a peg or pin is to be removed. No human authority has any more right to change the location of these messages than to substitute the New Testament for the Old. The Old Testament is the gospel in figures and symbols. The New Testament is the substance. One is as essential as the other. The Old Testament presents lessons from the lips of Christ, and these lessons have not lost their force in any particular.”

When I read this, Inspiration hit me like the proverbial “ton of bricks”, so it’ll be interesting, even for me, to see how this is written, because to be honest, I’m answering comments on posts, and haven’t begun writing what’s inside me.

For one, most won’t even understand what is spoken about regarding the “three” angels’ messages, but this is not the focus on the point I’m to make here.  The point which is of the utmost importance is regarding the Old and New Testament.  In most nominal Christian’s minds, there is the ideology the New Testament supersedes the Old and whatever was written in the Old has mostly been written for the Jews and done away.  Now, I find it interesting that the very same people who wrote the Old, the Jews, are the very same ones who wrote the New!  In fact, the New doesn’t present a whole different concept than the Old, and in fact, if we Christians are truly “grafted” into anything it is into the Old!  Now, this is actually humorous, to me, because most Christians like to think of themselves as separated from the Jews, but in actuality a “true” Christian becomes a “truer” Jew.  Let me repeat the significant part of the quotation,

“The Old Testament is the GOSPEL in figures and symbols.  The New Testament is the substance. (The reality of the Old)  One is as essential as the other. (You cannot understand the New without having understood the Old)  The Old Testament presents lessons from the lips of Christ, (who claims Christ wasn’t in the Old?) and these lessons have not lost their force in any particular.” (The Old is just as relevant, the foundation, for the New! (Parentheses mine.)

Many have no clue when I state the Gospel is in fact in the Old Testament.  It was what Christ taught Adam and Eve when sacrificing the first lamb in the Garden of Eden.  It was what Moses constructed in the portable Sanctuary while in the Wilderness.  It is what Solomon constructed in the time of the kings when building the more permanent structure, and later when in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah when it was replaced with the latter because the former was destroyed by the Babylonians 70 years prior.  It all came together, the Gospel, when Christ appeared and spent three and one half years walking among us, and it is in its completion beginning in the year of 1844.  The GOSPEL.  Something originated in the Old and demonstrated on the New.

For those who wish to think there’s a controversy between those two books, recognize this one fact:  there’s no difference between them at all, except for a blank sheet of paper!  Let the “blank” be in the book, but not in your mind.


November 13, 2014


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