You know the story how at Meribah, God was going to demonstrate to His people it was He who was leading them and not Moses.  Sadly, Moses and his brother, Aaron, because of humanness allowed their feelings to get in the way, prevented them from entering into the Land of Promise to demonstrate God’s leading is key and need to be remembered no matter the situation or appearances.

Just as this was true then it is true today.  Many of us have so much, as my mother would say, “wind in our jaws” regarding how our church is being led today.  Many speak of abandoning the church and similar to the cries back then, will be the cry today, “wanting to return to Egypt” and many have already by their method of worship and praise, which they believe is being directed to God but in essence is directed to satan, because in their mindset they’ve already returned to nominal, first-day (Sunday) worship, albeit their bodies haven’t done so physically!

God is the leader of the Seventh Day Adventist Movement.  It does not matter what the General Conference does.  It does not matter what the North American Division does.  It does not matter what individual Unions or Conferences do, because and it needs to be emphasized, “God is leading His church” and the gates of hell cannot prevail.  Although we have many men (pastors) and now women assuming the position of Aaron and Moses, who are striking the rock instead of speaking the truth, God is still in charge!

Let’s ask the honest question:  “If you leave the Seventh Day Adventist Church, where would you go?”  Just as those who wanted to leave the encampment of Israel even though they were going through their “wilderness” experience, where would they go?  What other good thing is available to join up with?  What other faith has what was ONLY given to Adventists where you would find truth and spiritual enlightenment called the “Spirit of Prophecy” waiting?  It does not exist.

I’m afraid it is going to get even worse as this church progresses toward the true Promised Land.  We will continue to see grumbling and murmuring.  We will continue to have leaders which will be mistaking in their leadership and guidance.  We will continue to have a “mixed multitude” within the body who will cry out for changes and different ways of worship and praise, but it should not rock the foundation upon which this church has been founded nor should it EVER have any strength against the One who is leading this great body and it is for us “elders” not ecclesiastical but those by age who remember both Egypt and the Wilderness to recognize God is still leading this church and we will, we cannot help but soon be stepping through the threshold of the Kingdom of Heaven, but we cannot give up the steady march no matter what or who is leading presently because as long as we keep our eye on God, we cannot fail to achieve what and where He is leading.



January 26, 2016