For many years I smoked crack cocaine.  Now, do not hold this against me, because of what I will share with you.  Something positive can definitely come from something negative.  God is not limited to our failings.  As most people will attest, when using this drug paranoia can be to the extreme.  I remember on one occasion when living in Puerto Rico, the paranoia was so bad I thought someone was shooting at me!  I preceded to hit the bullets with a broom handle, perhaps making Willie Mays proud of my “out of the park” efforts.  I kept hearing the sound of shots, so I was ready.

Somewhere in my mind the thought occurred maybe I was not experiencing what I was experiencing.  However, the danger was too evident and what would it had cost me to remain vigilant just in case I was experiencing something which was actually happening?  If it were true, I could be shot dead; but, if I were doing right by protecting myself, what could I lose?  I was alive and so far, standing against the odds.

Many of you are experiencing the same with regards to the Commandments of God.  You have been told by your pastor, through tradition, it is no longer necessary to keep the Commandments of God, especially the 4th one requiring obedience to the seventh day Sabbath.  Let me ask you a question:  “What could you lose by keeping the Commandments of God?  All of them?  If God stated to do them, then there is no loss.  However, if you are not doing them, could there be an effect not desirable such as loss of eternity?  Is it possible to be in disobedience to God and be saved?  Are you willing to take that chance?

I’m not willing to risk it.  I wasn’t willing to be risk having been shot, no matter how out of my mind I might have been.  I’m grateful–today, I’m in my right mind and no longer use drugs and I keep the Seventh Day (Saturday) Sabbath.

Oh, the sound I heard which had me thinking it was bullets, it was water dripping from a shower head, hitting a pool of water on the tub!  If I could hear, in my drug addicted state, so clearly the sound of a drip in another room, why can’t you in your right mind see the truth?


July 30, 2014


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