“The angels ascribe honor and glory to Christ, for even they are not secure except by looking to the sufferings of the Son of God. It is through the efficacy of the cross that the angels of heaven are guarded from apostasy. Without the cross they would be no more secure against evil than were the angels before the fall of Satan. Angelic perfection failed in heaven.” — The Signs of the Times, December 30, 1889

When I read this statement, this morning, I had to stop and consider and the only expressive word which could come out of my mouth was, “Whooaaaa”!  But, as difficult as this might be to believe it is the truth because sin originated in heaven.  Now, this is a thought which is not going to be popular, but either we accept what is truth or we reject it.  While we go about our lives having such great difficulty, stress and sometimes wanting to give up, we’re not the only ones dealing with issues!  I have never perceived the thought angels struggle—now!  I’m not talking about the struggle between their former companions because this is a given, but I’m talking about the internal struggle we are undergoing on a daily basis.  And to think not only we look to the cross for answers, comfort and strength, angels are doing the same thing, even though they hadn’t fallen to sin but the opportunity and chance is still opened for them to do so.

My friends, this war is real and we have no idea of the true scope of just how far reaching it is.  Now, I won’t get into speculating further as regarding their state, or that of other planets we are told exist and are watching this battle between righteousness and sin, God and satan, but suffice it enough to know the battle is very real because we can look within ourselves and see what it is doing to us.

The United States and perhaps others celebrated “Thanksgiving” and sat around tables being grateful they had tables, family and friends, and the many foods which graced those tables, but how many did not have a table never mind food?  I can remember my years living in drug addiction when I did not have this.  How I carrying a bag would go from location to location who were serving the homeless, eating and packing some away for a later time, just so I could eat for another few days before the hunt would begin anew for food.  I can remember hanging my food outside a ledge where it could not be reached so it could keep because of the cold.  I did not have refrigeration.  People do live like this, even around us, if we would open our eyes.  I live in a country where evidences of poverty are mind-boggling.  I know what it is to want a glass of cold water and cannot have it.  I know what it is to want to be either in a warm or cool place and it is not readily available to me.  I mention all of this not to cause one to feel bad about the blessings given them, but to demonstrate our own insecurities due to sin.  We’re not alone fighting this battle.  It goes on not only on this planet but all over the universe of God’s creation, even up to where His throne is seated.

We, too, like the angels, have to keep our focus on the victory which was won for us.  Christ made it very clear:

“And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:14-15 (KJV)

If the angels are looking for their own security, doesn’t it make sense for us to do the same?


November 27, 2015