Continuing with this morning’s devotion, another quotation I came across which is inspiring me to share with you:

“It is not a low standard that is placed before us; for we are to become the children of God. We are to be saved as individuals; and in the day of test and trial we shall be able to discern between him that serveth God and him that serveth Him not. We are saved as individual believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The words, “saved as individuals” being stated twice in such a short paragraph is ringing a bell loudly within my spirit.  There is something I’m experiencing, of late, well, actually, for quite awhile and I think it is time for it to be considered seriously.  Perhaps it is God helping me to know my place and how to serve Him effectively.  Let me share what’s going on.

As you might can tell, I love to write.  I LOVE TO WRITE.  Always did and probably until I die, always will.  My goddaughter Vikki L. Blossom uses the phrase, “when pen meets paper”, which has always been my life, but, for me, it is when “fingers meets keyboard”!  One of the things which happen when you get older and have gained experience, you’re called to “minister” to others.  To impart words which will help them to overcome those areas in their lives as you have.  I can honestly say I’m where I am today because of those who traveled this road before me, and I appreciate them.  I really appreciate them, and now it is my duty to do the same, but I’ve gone about it all wrong.  All wrong.

Oftentimes I see someone has written something which is not quite right and I can see where their understanding needs a little help.  I have failed to realize it is “their” understanding.  Not mine.  When you make an attempt to “show someone the way” and they’re not ready to receive it, it can cause debates, arguments and anger.  I’m also learning how little patience I have when this is encountered.  Though it was my goal to help them, they’ve helped me to understand two things:  my lack of patience and my lack of understanding my role.  Now, I think I’ve got it.

I get so many compliments from those who read what I’ve shared, and it’s appreciated and I know God has used me in some small way to make a difference in their life.  I will continue to do so; however, what I will refrain from doing is remarking on someone else’s post.  I really don’t need the frustration and seldom is anyone blessed by those exchanges of words.  Plus, it will give me more time to concentrate on me, my writing, my studying and worship, and less time in debates.

As indicated with the quotation above, yes, we ARE our brother/sister’s keepers, BUT this is an individual walk.  If I can continue to make that walk, individually, yet share with you in a manner which is more receptive, then I’ve done my work and can rest assured in this.

A writer is nothing without a reader.  A brother is nothing without another brother, and we are all NOTHING without Christ.  Perhaps utilizing His method of witnessing is far better than what I’ve been using!

It changes now.


October 9, 2014


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