Today, July 4th, currently for those of us on this side of the world, and for those on the other, when you have awakened, will be celebrating “Independence Day” in the United States.  It is no coincidence THIS particular holiday coincides with a greater day, the Sabbath.

With recent news of what is taking place regarding the “national” law accepting homosexuals as having the right for “legal” marriage, the fact remains independence is not always a good thing.  When one becomes “independent” apart from God’s Law, you have really become “independent” of His protection, His guidance, albeit not from His love.  I don’t know about you but I NEVER want to be independent again from doing His will.  My life of substance abuse addiction was enough independence to demonstrate to me I was actually caught in bondage.  I became dependent upon others for food, for shelter, for all help regarding my basic needs.  Being “independent” had me walking through the threshold of various jails and prisons, again making me dependent upon a system which really cared nothing about me.  And when I walked through the gate, for the last time, I recognized I was free—again.  I was “independent”—again, but this time I wanted my independence to be according to God’s will, for this is the only time we are free.

The Sabbath marks a time when the world should recognize we have a Creator.  It is a time when we are contemplating the love our Creator has given us, and continue to allow us our independence to be dependent upon Him, and this works in a marvelous way.  Again, I say, THIS day of Independence for the United States is going to teach us how really dependent we are.  When He begins to withhold the protection the country has enjoyed for so long, as we’re confronted with situations never before having occurred on the soil of this country, it can all be traced back to the “independence” sought and won on the basis of sin, and there is no sin without consequences.  God has provided His Sabbath to call humanity back to being human and not human depraved.  It is a time to find our repentance and forgiveness for wrong choices, to be reconciled with God, and not a desire to be independent from Him.

This Sabbath will come and go, but the consequences of the country’s choice will remain.  When sudden destruction occurs, do not equate it with some natural phenomenon, but consider it a judgment given.  Consider it a warning to reconsider your “personal” independence because although the country won’t change, how about you?  Will you change?  You know who you are who believes what has taken place is a good thing.  DO NOT LET your freedom given become your life taken.


July 4, 2015


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