We’re told of various consultations when God is present.  When Christ called His Disciples with regards of feeding masses of people, it was not so much with the purpose of knowing what was available, but to have them included.  God did the same with Abraham:

“And the Lord said, Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do…” Gen 18:17 (KJV) 

He didn’t need to get Abraham’s permission but brought him within the “consultation” so that he, Abraham, would have a better knowledge of what God does on behalf of man.  Moses was the same.  We read of the times when God specifically called him to come up for “consultation” in the mount or come “in” for a “consultation” within the sanctuary.  It is always a good experience and privilege to be called “in” for a “consultation” with God.

There was one meeting in which the “consultation” would be about the creation of this planet and there was one party, who was not a part of the meeting, for consultation.  He thought he should have been, but he didn’t have the proper qualifications, and because of pride, he has been a problem ever since, which resulted in two particular “consultations” the first being with Christ and the Father in the “Plan of Salvation”, the other being with satan and his angels in attempting to thwart this plan.

How many times and opportunities have you had to be included in a “consultation” with God?  I think many times we might have chosen not to include ourselves, for whatever reason, and as a result we have found ourselves in situations which are not pleasant.  Many of us are suffering consequences, right now, because we hadn’t consulted God in our decision.  So, doesn’t it now make sense to arrange for a “consultation”, with God, to ask for His help in straightening out some of the messes we now find ourselves?  I think so.

There are many methods to having a “consultation” with God.  The best time to do so is when you want to do so.  Think about this, if you tried to have a consultation with President Obama or your State Senator, you’d have to go through assistant’s assistants and I doubt seriously you could arrange to have this meeting.  Yet, and listen to this, and use your mind’s eye, when you say, “Our Heavenly Father…” can you see God the Father, stop everything He is presently doing and lean slightly on His throne, looking over the battlements of heaven, and giving you His full and undivided attention.  NOW THAT IS A CONSULTATION!

Why not have one today?


April 23, 2015


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