Much is talked about regarding the “beast”.  We are aware of the “Mark” of the beast.  We know about the “Name” of the beast, and much discussion is about the “Number” of the beast; however, little is spoken with regards of the “Image” of the beast, and this is the one classification which will absorb many into being with the beast and their doom guaranteed.  Jesus, looking down to our time gave this prophecy:

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Gen 3:15 (KJV)

The key word here is “enmity”.  Do you know what it means?  Let’s refer to a dictionary:

“the state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.”

Interestingly, enough, this is a statement which followed in establishing the definition:

“enmity between Protestants and Catholics”!!!

Now, isn’t this a kick in the head, because it steals a little bit of my thunder, but it will serve perfectly as you will soon see.  I don’t make this stuff up.  I write what is given.

Here, God is stating a fact, and I need to make this perfectly clear:  God NEVER refers to the world, the lost inhabitants of the world in the Bible.  He does ALWAYS make the distinction between those who are His people from those who “think” they are following Him, regardless of the god they do serve.

The first encounter of His people being infiltrated by those who were not was on the night Israel left Egypt.  There was a “mixed multitude”, people who saw what happened to their country and figured if the Israelites got the opportunity to leave they were going to follow because whatever they had working on their behalf was certainly stronger than what ol’ Pharaoh had working for him.  And because God had already determined His people cannot mix because of the “enmity” or “hatred”, this small group of people caused all kinds of trouble for Israel to the extent not one of them past a certain age ever got to see the land they’d been walking toward for forty years!  The mix doesn’t work.

Rome, the last empire predicted by prophecy, would also be succeeded by a “mixture” of people.  It’s pagan civil government would be overthrown and in its place would succeed a “papal” government, which had civil control, set up because of the aggregate (mixture) countries which had broken itself into.  And this is what we have today, albeit subtle, but rising in a manner undetected by those who haven’t a clue regarding prophetic events.

Satan in his attempt to thwart the people of God is bringing about a movement which will go against what God said to Adam about enmity.  We’re finding the hatred between Catholicism and Protestantism breaking down.  But here’s the kicker, we’re also seeing the differences of religious ideology between the various groups in Protestantism breaking down and joining together.  And what Catholicism has done by joining together the various groups which once opposed them, Protestantism is doing the same thing among themselves, which is an “image” of Catholicism, to fulfill Scripture when there will be no differences to separate them and will join hands together to form one body of believers, supposedly of the God of Heaven, but easily distinguishable between the true people of God because they will be holding fast to what is the true distinction:  “those who keep the Commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

You see, those who “keep God’s Commandments” are God’s people and those who do not keep those Commandments are NOT God’s people, and this is a mixture which can never occur because of the hate exhibited by those who call themselves “Christian” but do not keep God’s Ten Commandments.

Let’s ask a simple and basic question:  “Do you keep God’s Commandments?  All Ten, including the Seventh Day Sabbath?”  If you do not simply answer “yes”, then you are on the side which opposes God no matter what your reasoning is.  The one you follow has already gotten ahold of you and you are fighting against God and all He stands for.  How could you possibly think you can “mix” with God’s people when in fact you are fighting against them?  It can NEVER happen.  Therefore, you may be free of receiving the “Mark”, or the “Number” and even the “Name” but you are right along in there with being a part of the “Image”, and you don’t even know it!  Now, that’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

This is why God gives a last warning call to those of you who are bound in this group by saying, “Come out of her, My People.”  God knows who you are and you should, too.  God is calling you, warning you, for you to take a step out of those churches which are now finding it easier to worship with former enemies, former denominations which at one time you opposed.  You may “think” this is a good time when “all God’s people are joining hands” while the Catholics are sitting back and welcoming you back home, and when Christ comes you’re wondering why your feet are not leaving the ground!

“Come out of her, My People.”

This is not the time to be “mixing” it up but separating yourselves from those who do not keep to the Truth.


June 13, 2015


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