…Child ministers with doctorate degrees who together with their mother are part of a greater conspiracy to degrade the remnant Church of God.

…Of those who post slanderous articles referring to the pope (let it be understood, I’m no fan of the pope or Catholic church) without credible resources, trying to have their “personal” time of trouble before the real “Time of Trouble” takes place.

…Of the inability of some to take humor for what it is, humor, and not an affront which destroys the ability to witness.

…Of small minded, demon-possessed individuals who think they’ve found the Holy Grail and have direct communication with God.

…Of critics who fault those lay ministers who have spoken truth outside the GC organized body, claiming they’re only seeking a platform in which to speak, yet these critics are just as guilty using FB as their platform.

I’m tired of it all!

I left having anything to do with groups because of the nonsense.  Now, it appears this same nonsense continues to creep onto my “newsfeed” to the point any type of participation sickens me.  The more I read the varied comments and see the ridiculous posts, and then compare it with the time I’m on this social nitwit, um, network, makes me wonder about my own sanity and goals for life!

It used to be, the saying, “Everyone has an opinion…” and it was true, at one time; however, even this has changed to, “Almost everyone has more than one opinion on the same subject” and makes it scary.  When watching television, I change the channel when something doesn’t interest or suit me.  Now, I will have to do it with even those who “claim” to have affiliation with my church who haven’t a clue about “truth”, because they’re not involved in the reading of “truth” but yet they have unfounded opinions upon subjects they’re clueless and wish to use the platform of Facebook to voice these views and here I sit like a baby sparrow taking in the worms!  Not anymore.

I’ll post, comment on my post, but I’ll leave the garbage on the curb regarding other’s posts.

I’m just tired!


July 6, 2015


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