“For many are called, but few are chosen.” Matt 22:14 (KJV)

This morning as I’m doing my devotions, I’m having thoughts of concern about numbers as per the historical Biblical record.  When I examine the time of Noah, I see a message of such grave importance given yet only eight were saved.  Fair warning and opportunity given during the time of Lot and yet, only three made it out.  Out of all the people living during the time, only four are mentioned in Daniel.  Looking at the greater picture, out of all the nations on the planet, only one was chosen.  Despite the many Israelites living, only eleven were worthy out the twelve chosen.  And there are many more occasions, but the thought I’m having is, “what about us?”  How many will not be chosen although we are all called.

I don’t believe many of us actually perceived how grave our time is.  Will we be one of the ones entering the ark when it still seem peaceful or are we awaiting a more decisive time when things are obviously getting worse and then learned when we decided to get onboard it was too late?  True, while there are even groupings as we learn in Revelation, it is still numbers which I’m concerned.  It is obvious you and I cannot be one of the four beasts or one of the 24 elders.  While it would be satisfactory to be in the “Great Multitude”, today we should be striving for the 144,000.  But this is a small number as compared to who will be lost.  And the shame of it will be, they didn’t need to be!

Where do you stand—today, since that’s all you really have?  Are you truly wanting to be considered in “the” number, or are you satisfied you’re just there, waiting, barely watching, thinking you made it in already?  I have a sobering view to share with you.  Go back during the time of the Three Hebrews Boys we’re familiar in Daniel.  Now Daniel we know was on official business and not in the kingdom at the time.  However, there were many more Israelites in Babylon during the time of the raising and worshiping of this statue.  Yet, they all bowed before, EVERY Israelite, too, EXCEPT for those three.  What does that tell you?

How many of you are bowing before tradition, pagan celebrations and holidays, and false worship, yet you think, I say, “think” you are one of the three?  Yes, we hear about them but seldom consider the others who had the same God, the same opportunity, the same knowledge, yet they bowed before the statue.  It does not matter your reason, intention and motivation.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.

When the music begins to play, will you be left standing?


May 31, 2016