The season before now, in basketball, those fans of my birthplace, Cleveland, Ohio, were rooting behind their team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, not wanting to come as close as they did the year previously, but THIS TIME get the championship.  So, the slogan, “All In” was seen prominently in every state where there was a fan to be located, and not surprising, even here in the Philippines where professional basketball is a beloved sport, too, there were posters also making the claim, “All In”!

It is now 6:19 pm as I write this probably last post of the day.  I woke up about 7:00 am.  I went out for a little walk and did some banking.  Took about an hour.  I had a meal, about 43 minutes.  How do I know?  Because I usually watch an episode of a show I enjoy and I know how long the program is.  And up to and including now, I’ve been reading, studying, watching and not too much researching today, but a considerable amount of writing, as I assess my day, I think it was a pretty good one.  I think without a doubt, although retired, put in some complete “work days”, I can count myself being able to say, I’m “All In” when it comes to learning and sharing with you what I have found, been convicted about—myself before giving to others.

It makes me wonder how many of you will be “All In” with God today.  Okay, let’s examine yesterday’s schedule.  Pretty much the same as today but I didn’t need to go out and do any banking but I kept the hours pretty much the same.  Oh, I did forget about the one-half hour I put into getting my “sexy” back as I exercised.  Same as today.  So, many of you are just beginning your day will have an opportunity of demonstrating whether or not you are also “All In” with God as well.  You see, whether you are “All In” or not can easily be determined by your report card.  What would you report card say how you spent your time away from work, which is necessary and a requirement of God, too, but what about the time away from work?  What about the time outside of family-time?  How much time is spent in chat rooms, or just plain surfing and really doing nothing?  How much time and effort goes into seeing your FB friend’s review of their meal, what they’re doing with their hair, or something they bought to wear?  How much quality time goes into reading posts which you can learn something?  Just how “All In” are you really?

Without a doubt, it can be easily proven when Christ was here, He was definitely “All In” when it came to you and I.  He was so “All In” He gave His life because He wanted to set the example and hoped you, too, would be “All In” when it came to Him.  Even with my schedule as full as it has been, what I try to keep doing each day, I will after finishing this post, prepare dinner and spend another 43 minutes watching something, but it could be a prophecy video, or a “present truth” video, or it could even be something about the current White House Administration and what’s been going on since the last I checked in 24 hours ago.  Later, I could make it profitable instead of playing video games, reading a fictional work I also began yesterday.  I’m learning there is just not enough hours in the day when it comes to doing what God wants me, us, to do.  Yet, there are plenty of time when it comes to doing what I, we want to do.  It sort of makes you, me wonder, just how “All In” we really are?

I can tell you this; however, in order for your feet to leave this planet and head upward when Christ appears in the clouds, you better have found yourself being “All It”.  The alternative is “All Out”, and that’s never a good thing!


March 2, 2017