There’s a television series many are addicted to watching called, “The Survivor”.  Of the “reality” show genre, I can tell you, and many others like me, those weren’t survivors at all!  Taken from the good life and into the words or barren places and left to try and find shelter, food, for a period of time isn’t my idea of surviving at all.  Put a crackpipe in one of their mouths and they wouldn’t last two weeks of the almost twenty years I spent.

Those of us who have survived the big “C”, cancer, are the true survivors.  Those who have suffered through a legal prescription drug habit done illegally are the true survivors.  Those who have known the inside of bottles, no matter the ingredient are the true survivors.  Those who have suffered from all types of substance abuse(s) are survivors unequaled to those which play out on your big-screen television, which, by the way, I would have stolen for just one small rock of crack cocaine.  In fact, I was so good at stealing, I would take your television and leave the program running and you wouldn’t know your television was missing until you went to change the channel!

I know what it is to try and find shelter in both heat and cold.  I know what it is to find a three course gourmet meal served from the metallic plates of garbage cans.  I know what it is to try and find a place where at least some modesty could be practice in relieving myself, to tear a shirt sleeve for wiping purposes.  I know what it is to make the journey back into society and to be faced by those who don’t believe healing could have ever taken place.  Who rejected me in my addiction and continued to reject me in my sobriety.  Some, still do!

I’m the “REAL” survivor instead of those who are playing it.  I know what it is to fall down on my knees and appeal to the True Survivor who said, “Give it to Me, and I’ll give you rest.”  I know what it is to get an answer to prayer.  I know what it is.  I know what it is.

I’m the “Real” survivor.

We sing the song so beautifully, “His Eye is On the Sparrow”.  Have you ever thought why He does?  Because He knew if I would get my hands on the thing I’da eaten it in a moment!

Yes, I’m the “Real” survivor!

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May 15, 2016