“It is the good property of all Christ’s faithful servants to come when they are called, and to follow their Master wherever he leads them. They objected not their present employments, their engagements to their families, the difficulties of the service they were called to, or their own unfitness for it; but, being called, they obeyed, and, like Abraham, went out not knowing whither they went, but knowing very well whom they followed.” – Mathew Henry’s Complete Commentary on Matthew 3.

This quotation has a special meaning for me.  It wasn’t until now I realized something about my own experience with God.  July 4, 1994, while struggling in the midst of substance abuse addiction and despair, I cried out to God to save me.  There was no one else to turn to.  I was all alone and no one wanted anything to do with me.  Suicide was no longer an option because it had been tried before and it was clear He wasn’t go to let me go.  So, on bended knee, after hearing His word in my ear, “Why don’t you pray to Me?”  I could only respond, “Save me.”  Then His voice was heard as clearly as speaking to you on a cellphone, “If I Send You Somewhere, Would You Go?”  I responded in kind, “If You Send Me, I Will Go.”

Little did I realize those words twenty years ago would still be ringing true today.  Since that day I have traveled to places I never would have imagined.  I’ve grown and now involved in full-time ministry.  And I’m not different than those who proceeded me who were also called to follow Him.  Abraham, Moses, David, Peter and John, Paul and others who’ve been called from their everyday living.  Called from being in the midst of trouble.  Called because there was something better to do and fitted for by the experience gained prior to the calling, supplemented after the calling, now living “in” the calling.

From Philadelphia to the Philippines is quite a story and all the stops in between, I have seen, can witness what He has done for me.  At the tender age of 58 I realize there is still more to do, more to write, more to witness, more of being used by God to take this message everywhere.  As I look back and reflect on these twenty years which seem now just a moment in time, I can look forward to eternity where I, too, will follow the Lamb whithersoever He goes.


January 29, 2015


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