Can you imagine a television commercial touting such a line:  If we had but more faith, we should have less care.  Say it again:  “If we had but more faith, we should have less care.”  Now, this time, make it personal:  “If I had more faith, I would have less care.”  So simple and profound, yet, many are unable to achieve this gem of truth.

Whatever is bothering you and disturbing your peace, you may not be able to make it go away, but you can lessen its impact on your life by having more faith which allows you to see beyond the problem.  The problem is not itself the problem but how we perceive the problem.  As someone once said, “All problems are really opportunities” and I happen to believe them.

The Lord taught me something through drug addiction which has proven to be a guide for me during my years of restoration.  The lesson was:  every time I would seem to fall lower and lower, He was right there to raise me higher and higher.  Ludacris song, “How Low Can You Go?” was answered by, “He lift me up and I shall stand, while all other ground is sinking sand” Hallelujah!  So, if there are any future occasions and there will be, by remembering and then exercising this truth, we can truly have more faith and by virtue of having it, our cares for whatever ails us will be much less.  It’s proportional.  More faith, less care.  Less faith, more care.  Which would you opt for?  It’s not that difficult a question.

If we would exercise faith instead of caring about problems so much, we’d have hair!  And for those who still have their hair, it wouldn’t be grey.  And we’d have teeth!  We’d have a lot more things working for us then evidence of how they worked against us.



February 24, 2015


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