…It’s because there is no difference!  And there should be.

In my morning’s devotion, I came across this quotation:

“How contemptible in the sight of a holy God are those who profess to stand in vindication of His Law and yet violate its precepts! They bring reproach upon the precious cause and give the opposers of truth occasion to triumph. Never should the mark of distinction between the followers of Jesus and the followers of Satan be obliterated. There is a distinct line drawn by God Himself between the world and the church, between Commandment keepers and Commandment breakers. They do not blend together. They are as different as midday and midnight—different in their tastes, their aims, their pursuits, their characters. If we cultivate the love and fear of God we shall loathe the least approach to impurity.” –Testimonies to the Church, Volume 5, page 602

When this was written, the writer was not showing the difference between the “church” and the “world”, but the “church” and the so-called “church”.  There is no mistake the world is lost.  The mistake is those “within” the body of the church might as well have been the world for their end result is the same!

This is going to be a hard message to bear but it needs bearing.

I’ve heard so much about the camp meeting in the South Central and Pastor MyRon Edmonds speaking so I had to tune in and two things, no, three things disturbed me:  (1) Another SDA pastor wearing a wedding band, (2) His need to emulate the preaching style of first day churches and (3) the congregants seemingly caught up in the theatrics, for there was little message given!  I would have thought I was back in the Church of God in Christ or the Missionary Baptist Church for what I saw being displayed as a Seventh Day Adventist camp meeting.  Some of the greatest preachers of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, E. E. Cleveland, Henry Wright, C. D. Brooks, Marshall Kelly, the list goes on, but have we forgotten how THIS was preaching and with the “Spirit of God” involved and not fraught with emotionalism, theatrics and plain ol’ lack of message, and the message I heard disturbed me, so I will listen again to ensure I heard it right the first time.

Have we lost our purpose, or traditional beliefs, which he enunciated we should, so we may get caught up in the “hype” not “spirit”?  Has the T.D. Jakes, Creflow Dollar and Frederick K. Price style of preaching become favored because our own is no longer attractive?  We have a message these other cannot preach, at least not today because it is not a part of them, but we cannot have this claim.  However, our message is being lost because of the messenger, who “thinks” they need to walk the pulpit like a rap artists walking the stage.  Those who need to find repetition a form of speech pattern which even Christ warned against such language even in prayer!  When a microphone is sufficient to amplify the voice in a large facility and yet the need to “shout” becomes the message presentation!

Truly the song, “Gimme dat ol time religion” which was good enough for my grandparents and parents is STILL good enough for me. This new stuff, you can keep it.

June 22, 2015


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