A thought was triggered when I read these words, just now, while having my morning’s devotion:

“We have a message from the Lord to bear to the world…”

Who else besides Noah was given the message the world was soon to be destroyed, by water, for that time?  There were no other groups of men, or women, who were given the message—ONLY Noah.  If you were living during that time and didn’t heed to message, you were lost.  It would be as simple as that.  Now, certainly there were believers and they supported Noah and assisted in constructing that monstrosity of an ark, which they never got a chance to ride because God allowed them to go to sleep BEFORE the rain fell, but the point of this post is simply this:  If Noah didn’t do it, then who else could have?

The same regarding John the Baptist.  There was no one else given the message he carried about preparing to meet the Lord by repentance and conversion.  NO ONE ELSE!  No doubt, there were good people during that time, he, too, having disciples who assisted him in getting this message out but if he, John the Baptist, chose not to give the message, then who else?

The message of Noah as well as John the Baptist had to begin with them.  It was not given to any other than them, for their particular time.  The same could be said for Seventh Day Adventists.  In fact, the message given exclusively to us, is liken to Noah and John the Baptist, and for the very same reason, salvation and Christ’s soon appearing.  If we don’t give the message, then who else can and will?

John’s message was more than about repentance and conversion but also about diet and right living.  Can any other church/denomination make the claim of having and living up to a health message?  Noah was given a message of prophecy nobody else knew, the same with Adventists and the “Three Angel’s Message”.  How many others living on the face of the planet, reading the same Bible even got an inkling of the importance of this message?

While I’m not against other faiths and denominations, I’m not, they’re good people; however, they were not given the message, but can have access to the most important message for this world’s time IF they are willing to listen to God’s Noah and John today.  I met a young man this week, who infiltrated a group I assist in managing, purporting to share the “truth”, yet denounced the person God chose in giving the special message for this time, identifying her as “that woman”.  In further conversation, albeit brief, I had to let him go along his way because he knew enough to make the “wrong” choice, and there was nothing I could do or say which would change his mind.  And, it will be individuals like him who will be as those were when the first drops of rain began to fall on his head and then the realization will hit him, but it will be too late.

We, Adventist, do have a message, given exclusively to us, to be given to the world and if it is not us who will give this message, than who else?


November 13, 2015