A young man sends me this question:  “Do we need to go out of the Church, because of the abomination that happens in the Church?”

My answer to him is for you, too:  “Need to stay “in” the Church, but remain careful and diligent.”

He responds back, “Thank you, for the truth.”

Our Church is entering into a period which can no doubt be called, the “Time of Shaking”.  We have heard of this for many years which is to come, which I believe, is occurring, and with it since this is the first time many of us are experiencing it, the dynamics have changed in our lives especially regarding relationships, we need to move forward recognizing our previous behaviors will not support us as we go through this time and we need to change.

The keyword here is, “love”.  And don’t doubt for a moment the devil hasn’t caught on and with this so-called, “Gospel Dispensation” and this “Love Movement”, he has perverted the ideology of “Love” which will cause many of us angst and hard days ahead.  Let me ask you a question:  “If you have a bad tooth and there is no relief, what do you do?”  You yank that bad-boy out!  Jesus pretty much gave us the solution and advice when He stated if our “eye” offends us, or our “hand” offends us, to do what?  CUT IT OFF!  To PUT IT OUT!  So, why is it we cannot seem to follow His advice when it comes to those who are being not only “shaken” but “shaken out” of our Church today? Why is it you’re unable to let them go?  Even the old adage about if you love someone, what do you do?  You let them go because if they return, they never left and those who don’t return, you never had love between you to begin with, or at the very least it was one-sided.

So, to further equivocate my response to the young man, not only do I stay put “in” the Church, but those who I see have been and are being “shaken out”, it is time for me to loosen my grip and to let you go.  Even Paul gave the admonishing about the young man who was sinning a grievous sin while “in” the church.  What was his counsel to the Church?  To put him out and allow the devil to have his way with him.  We tend to forget the reason why many of us, no, most of us are now safely residing “in” the Church.  It is because the devil whupped up on us something terrible and we got tired of being beaten up, knocked down, dragged through until we saw Jesus standing with an outstretched hand and we grasped it and we wouldn’t let go, because we needed saving, and He’s the only One who knows what to do and could do it and was more than willing to do it.

I mentioned this recently how my brother turned me out, let me go, in the dead of winter, below freezing, no money, no food, no shelter, no proper clothing, nothing, and told me, “I had to go.”  He had to leave me in the care of God because a miracle needed to take place and he, my brother, was not one.  And when I closed that door to begin my journey, I had no idea it would lead me to this day where I would be telling you, by example and experience what is the best thing you can do for those persons who are in a state of being “shaken” today.  You see, if you do not let them go you are what is referred to being a “codependent”.  That’s a nasty word in the life of addictions.  It is when the addict is needy and you are needy, oh yes!  Your neediness keeps the person, the addict around.  You feel compelled to clothe them.  To feed them.  To wash their clothes.  To provide them with shelter and money.  What in essence you are doing is causing them to stay “out there” in their addiction much longer; keeping them from hitting “rock bottom”, and the same applies within our Church today!  This is not love but selfishness.

Too many are caught up in this movement of denying the Holy Spirit as being God.  They’re confused regarding the issue of Trinity, as if it is an evil sounding word.  They’re confused regarding Women’s Ordination.  They’re confused regarding how secularism and Jesuit influence have taken over the Sabbath School Quarterlies and other mechanisms within the Church.  They’re confused about the Health Message and Dress Reform.  One friend commented, “I don’t bother myself with issues which are not salvific.”  My friends, our soul salvation and how we relate to the Holy Spirit cannot be other than salvific, for to deny Him and His function, and His personage is to deny salvation!

God might not have blocked them from the Kingdom—yet, but we need to unfriend and block them from further contaminating our sphere and that of our friends with their confusion!  If we truly believe The Shaking is hitting the Seventh Day Adventist Church, then we need to begin using some “tough love” in order for them to be repentant and saved and we MUST do our part by, you guessed it correctly, “letting them go” so God can do what only He can do, for them.  Going through this time in our church requires us to begin evaluating things differently.

Consider this poignant thought:  “If the closing of the Investigative Judgment began in 1991, and we’re 16 years on this side, therefore, many of our cases have been or are being decided—now! And some of us are already operating in the “him be filthy still”, and it is evident who some of those “filthy” are, doesn’t it make sense to begin separating from them?  Now, you might ask, “How do we know…?”  It’s not a difficult answer.  Paul said it best, “By their fruit you shall know them…”

Let me go and check my fruit…

September 14, 2017