There has been, it seems, so much confusion regarding the Law of God and what is referred to as the Mosaic Law, I will attempt to explain it simply yet completely.

When Adam sinned, he broke several of God’s Commandments of the Ten given to man and I will enumerate to the particular Commandment(s) he broke when he ate the fruit given to him by his wife: (1) He chose satan as his god of choice, (5) dishonored his Father and (6) shortened his life, (7) gave his allegiance to another what only should have been given to one, (8) stole by thinking he could attain what God had not given him, (9) lied about his wife and (10) desired what he could not have or was given.

So, if anyone tells you Adam could not have broken the Ten Commandments, now you can obviously see how he did.  Every law which is set into place for man’s behavior is traced back to the original Ten given by God.  Now, since man broke the Moral Law, or the standard of God’s character and the basis for the smooth running of His government, another law was set into place which would absolve man because the penalty of breaking God’s Ten Commandments is death.  “Thou shalt surely die.”

The “law of death” went into action.  Christ took an innocent lamb which represented Himself and slew the lamb, and in the act of showing how Christ’s death covers our shame, the lamb’s skin became the robe of their covering/righteousness, and the blood-shed represented the death they deserved.  This became known as “grace”.  And the fact they did not die the “second” death, is called “mercy”.

Everyone who ever lived prior to Christ’s death lived under this “law of death”.  After Christ died for man, the “law of death” was taken away.  This explains why we no longer sacrifice animals on our behalf.  Those animals which died for man could never fully pay the price but it represented the One who would come and cover the payment in full.  This is what is called, “faith”.

Today, when you and I sin, the “law of death” is replaced by an act of faith.  And we receive grace and mercy from the penalty because our debt was paid by Christ and we exhibit such by what is called “repentance”.

But you should know this.  Those who do not accept Christ, or fail to ask Christ for forgiveness will have the “law of death” to still be paid, without the mediator, lamb or Christ, and will have to pay the penalty themselves because Christ’s death did not cover their sin.

There was only ONE Law, the Ten Commandments which existed long before there was ever an Earth, and will be still ongoing throughout eternity.  This Law existed before there was sin.  It is the same Law which governs Heaven, which satan and his angels fought against.  They believed because they were God’s creation they needed no law to govern their lives.  Does this sound familiar?  He, satan, is still preaching that same old song even in the churches on Earth, and sadly he has many members singing the chorus with him.  This is why you will hear many speak against the “Ten Commandments” by saying it was written only for a certain class of people, Jews, or it was done away at the Cross, or replaced by commands given by Christ.  None of which are valid.  Those who truly, and I mean “truly” love God are more than willing to keep and love His Ten Commandments.  Those who do not, well, they’ll be paying the penalty along with satan.

Don’t be a member of his church!

November 10, 2016