How many of you would sit down in front of your “modern” set and watch news that has already broke, not breaking?  Yet many of you do whether it was this past Sabbath or for those who attend services on the pagan day of worship, Sun-day!  Have I got your attention?

How many pastors spoke pretty much from the top of their head and think it was inspired, want you to call it inspired?  How many elders went before you and you left the church pretty much not knowing or hearing anything relative and necessary for these times?  How many preach a Gospel that took place 2,000 years ago and not the Gospel which is taking place right now and right here?  How many of you are watching “old” news and not the “new” news which is taking place all around us?  It saddens me when I hear ministers preach the “old” news and not the “new” news which is necessary for our salvation.  Could it be they don’t know the “new” and must dwell on the “old”?  Could it be when there is “breaking news” they haven’t a clue how it relates to us from a prophetical point of view.  How many actually do understand prophecy?  And for those who didn’t, you heard messages this weekend about “Sampson, David or some other Bible personality and not about the Pope, Turkey (and I don’t mean the bird), United Nations, U.S. current election activity, etc.

There is so much more being played right in front of our eyes which we do not find relevance.  How many of us, like I was discussing with a friend a few minutes ago, dine at the table of McDonald’s and get absolutely nothing for the time, money and effort spent instead of dining upon that which is nutritious, needful and relevant to our well-being?  How many learned something other than just felt something, which could simply have been from a gastric point of view—gas!

I suggest to all of you, think about what you heard from the pulpit this past weekend?  Was it something you could use?  Was it something relative?  Had you heard it before?  Or is it something which is causing you to re-open the Scriptures to find a deeper meaning?  Do you want a deeper understanding, I guess, should be the real question?

Stop settling for “What occurred on this day so many years ago…” and get into the “Breaking News” which is happening NOW!


October 3, 2016