When Adam and Eve sinned, we’re told they hid themselves because they were ashamed of their nakedness.  The story of them sewing “fig-leaves” is true.  They believed they could hide their nakedness, their disobedience by strategically placing fig-leaves where God’s covering had once been.  I read this quotation and I love it.  It states,

“Every Inducement to Remain Loyal—It certainly was not God’s purpose that man should be sinful. He made Adam pure and noble, with no tendency to evil. He placed him in Eden, where he had every inducement to remain loyal and obedient. The law was placed around him as a safeguard.”

The sentence, “the Law was placed around him as a safeguard.” Bespeaks volumes of Truth.  The Law of God was Adam’s protection.  For example, if I’m traveling in a foreign country, and I’m doing the driving and not certain how fast can I go on a particular street, the law has set up signs to tell me what is the limit, and I’m able to drive safely and without harassment from the Law-giver.  Such was the same for our first parents.  They had every warning provided them to keep from breaking the Law, but they chose not to adhere to it, so a siren was sounded, and the ticketing officer would appear and they went through the motions many of us do, trying to get our story straight and pray the insurance and registration is up-to-date and in the glove-box!

Today, in our churches, we attempt to cover ourselves with fig-leaves of lies which barely cover but we think they’re doing a good job!  Oh yes.  Here are some of the fig-leaves you will see:  “Oh, the Law was nailed to the cross.”  Here’s one of my favorite fig-leaves I hear, “I’m under a covenant of grace.”  How about this one, “God doesn’t mind what day I worship Him, so Sunday’s just as good as any other.”  So many fig-leaves we hide our breaking of the Law and we do such a poor job, too!

Jesus made our first parents robes to cover themselves which represents His righteousness.  Let’s stop using fig-leaves and the righteousness of Christ which was His keeping His Father’s Commandments.  And, the only way we’re able to wear Christ’s robe is by putting the fig-leaves down.


January 28, 2015


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