Is a very interesting question.  Think about it for a moment.

How many of us ever bother to question God and find out, from Him, what it is He would have us to do?  How many simply accept how they’ve been brought up and taught?  How many have fallen into the trap, yes “trap” of following traditions and customs and never bothered to find how these customs and traditions originated?  Have you?  Do you know why you do the things you do?  Is the answer simply this, “Because my mother and father did it that way and their parents before them…”  That’s not good enough.

Many of us are caught up in unnecessary and trivial methods to finding the proper position before God.  Many of us become satisfied with generalities and not the specifics, and I want to let you into a little secret, about God:  HE IS VERY SPECIFIC!  Just ask Moses and get his perspective about a “rock”.  That “rock” kept him out of the Promised Land he invested 40 years of his life reaching.  Yep, I would call this very specific.

I get so many questions asking simple questions which could simply be answered if people would ask God.  There are three ways of accomplishing this:  (1) Ask God directly in prayer, (2) Ask Jesus directly in prayer, and yes, you figured it out, by now, (3) Ask the Holy Spirit directly in prayer.  Now, what you do after asking is simply this, each one of Them will guide you to a book they were all involved in writing:  The Holy Scriptures.  Now, not all of them are “holy”.  I prefer to use the King James Version, about the closest you’re going to get and all we need for this present time.

When you begin to open the Book, therein you will find all the answers to whatever question you might have, but the question we’re going to deal with is this, “How do You want me to worship You, Lord?”  He has laid down some very specific rules in accomplishing this.  For one, He will never say, to you, you can worship Me however you have chosen to do so!  He will never say any day that I have given you can be used as a “day” of worship.  Now, there is a difference.  We can worship “every” day, but not all days were made for “worship”.  Only one day, the seventh day Sabbath, was a day made for everyone, Jew, Gentile, Christian and otherwise, to worship God on that particular and specific day.  In fact, we are to put aside everything else which would get in the way.  Things like work, entertainment, anything having to do with secular, meaning, not worshipful, aside, just for that day.  See the importance now?

And, what is significant is this, we don’t just use a few hours, but the entire day is given for two things:  physical rest and spiritual rest, regenerating our spiritual lives so we are able to make it successfully through another week.  What other day of the week does your Bible state was made, “holy”, “sanctified”, “Sabbath”, “sacred” and “blessed”?  You cannot find any day of the week, other than Saturday, which was given these adjectives. And if this is true, and I have to believe it is, then why is it many, no, the majority keep and worship on Sunday?  There is no proof in the Scriptures given where we should do so.  N.O.N.E.  So, if you were to ask God which day He would require you to observe in His honor, can you find one incident in the entire Bible where He mentioned doing so on Sunday, the first day of the week?  I think not!

Is it important?  Again, that might be a question you would refer to Brother Moses and get his view!

July 26, 2017