There seems to be a proliferation of new ideas, some even go so far as to call it, “new light”, others, “present truth”, and will make it seem if you’re not with the(ir) program, then you’re already lost.  In fact, I mentioned to a guy I would restore his privileges on a particular group, his comment was, and I’ll quote it verbatim, “Thank you, but we do not post anything anymore in Adventist groups. Time for them is over, sadly. And also the time of Mercy is since Oct. 17/18, 2015 closed.”  I mean, let’s consider his statement, “since October 17 and/or 18 is closed.”  Which is it?  The 17th or the 18th?  God’s Word stands certain, not divided.

Does this sound familiar to those who know Adventist history?  There seem to be a common thread which runs through these offshoot Adventists, and it appears to be “date-setting”.  Now, it is for certain Sis. White said prior to the time of Christ’s return, the 144,000 will have heard His, (God the Father), voice announcing the day and time, while DURING the “Time of Trouble”, AFTER “Sunday Legislation”.  Has Sunday legislation taken place?  Nope.  Can it be possible to know the return of Christ—now?  Nope.

While there are many who are going about proclaiming the so-called “Elijah Message”, and other such messages, you might as well call them the, “deception” message!  I mentioned once before, Satan can’t get true Adventist to give up the true Sabbath of the Fourth Commandment.  He’s already fooled a group who call themselves, “Lunar Sabbatarians”, and he’s gotten some twisted who conduct “Sunday worship” services at the same time they have Sabbath worship, re-enacting 2,000 years ago of their ignorance which we should not be able to claim today, definitely dropping the “standard”, and other such groups, which sound really convincing, but they’ve strayed from the “strait” path.

So, how do we know?  How do we know when we’re hearing what is considered “present truth” when it is actually “present lying” to fool those who don’t know?  In the question I just gave you lies the truth!  (I think I just made a “funny”—(lies the truth)”.  First of all, “truth never lies”, but there are “lies regarding truth”.  Eve KNEW what she was supposed to do but chose a different way.  The same will apply for folk today.  You SHOULD KNOW what you are supposed to do, but are you choosing a different way?  This is why it is of the utmost importance to read AND study your Bible and why we have been given the Spirit of Prophecy, a “sure word”, and DO NOT deviate no matter how good something “else” sound!

The Bible is clear.  When the Holy Spirit comes He will guide us into all truth.  We surely need to have Him in our lives, our study and our help during this most conflictive and confusing time.


April 12, 2016