While I am certainly sorry and sympathetic to those who have recently lost loved ones, and due to the amount of friends on my list, it doesn’t go past a week there is not notification one or two has been taken from our lives.  However, what I notice more readily is the continual belief of spiritualism, this belief when someone dies they live on, in Heaven, no less!  Is this Scriptural?  I don’t think so!

When God pronounced the curse against Adam, warning him before the actual event, He (God) made it clear to violate what I’m telling you means death.  Death is the absence of life.  It means everything about you stops.  You’re done, finished, kaput, nada, no more.  The first lie satan told Eve was God was not telling the truth!  And what was the supposed lie God told?  That man would not “surely” die.  Oh, “you’se gon die”, as I’d heard in my old neighborhood, but you’re going to enter into a greater understanding.  Never was there a greater truth mixed with lying ever told when Eve got suckered into that BIG WHOPPER!  And I ain’t talk’n “double beef”!

Let’s face it:  Either God lied in the Garden of Eden or satan did.  Both could not be telling the absolute truth and since I tend to lean toward God, I just have to believe what He said was and is the absolute truth.  “In the day thou shalt eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt “surely” die”.  And surely we DO die, even in that day!  Satan’s lie about us not “surely” dying continues having life and sadly in our churches when we spout out the belief of our dearly departed loved ones having gone “home”!  Home?  Are you serious?  Home is where you have come from.  Can anyone name anyone they know who came from heaven and died?  Now, I can only think of One, but as for the rest of us, “Heaven” is not “our home”.  Now, it is a gift given to us at the Second Coming of Christ, but the Bible is very clear, there have been only a few who’ve ever died who went to Heaven.  Moses, four & twenty elders were redeemed as well as the four beasts, and that’s about it.  The others who were born here, their home, who never died, like Enoc, Elijah is in a special class all their own.

Today is my father’s 80th birthday.  I don’t suspect he will be here, well, as long as I will if we’re speaking of natural causes and how life, and death, generally goes.  However, his father, my loving grandfather, we buried him in 1980.  If you wish to know where he is he’s in the cemetery off Warrensville Road.  That’s where we put him and that’s where he remains UNTIL Christ comes to TAKE HIM HOME, to Christ’s home!  Nothing of him came from God except for his ability to breath and that is the ONLY THING God took from him, so he stopped living, died and was buried.  There’s no “spirit” of his floating around, or enjoying Heaven or other such foolishness.  Those who believe such is still propagating the very lie satan told Eve, “thou shalt not surely die”, because God told the truth, “you will surely die”.  If, and listen to me now, IF when we died and we’re still alive, in Heaven, then satan told the truth and God is the liar!  Heaven forbid.

Presently, there is a Judgment going on, and this determines where you and I will go.  How could those who’ve died have gone to heaven when the Judgment hasn’t concluded?  How do we know Judgment has not finished?  Well, according to Scripture, when Christ finishes the Judgment of us all, THEN the plagues will fall upon the earth and afterward He returns the Second time to give His reward for all those who were found worthy to enter into the Kingdom.

Let’s put an end to the lie of satan.


September 8, 2015