My mother, as I’m sure most others of you, had the old saying, “If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it?”  This kind of logic appealed, to me, for two reasons:  (1) I have a fear of heights, and (2) I have a fear of water.  So, I wasn’t jumping off nobody’s bridge, for any reason.  Yet, in parallel thinking, it could be looked at another way and this is:  If all of your friends continue doing what is wrong, could you remain the one to go against them?  I can and I shall.

During this so-called pagan-holiday season, I’ve heard mostly from pastors and some friends, “Well, the GC (General Conference) and SOP (Spirit of Prophecy) agrees with keeping Christmas, brother…” and you can imagine the rest of their comment.  This is the one time when I’m jumping off that bridge leaving everyone else behind.  The bridge of Christmas observance, and let me make this clear:  I’ll leave those GC’s and SOP’s adherents on the bridge which will eventually lead to perdition!

At some point one has to begin thinking for themselves even if it means being alone.  This was mother’s point and learning to do so would also mean dealing with the consequences.

Am I saying the GC and SOP is wrong?  No, I’m not saying this.  What I am saying is the GC and SOP is too often regarded as being the “Voice of God”, and sadly, like the main reformed churches which came out of the Reformation, Seventh Day Adventists have now, too, refused to grow and reach for further light which is being given today.  It is called, “Present Truth.”  Surely we, too, could progress from 1844, 1863 and 1888.  To think what was given then is all we need now is a mistake.  Too many people want to remain on the bridge of what was gratefully given, but there is so much more walking to do before the proverbial “Promised Land” is reached.

How can anyone who delves into the background of these pagan holidays not come to the conclusion there is nothing good about it? Except for the error mixed in with the good.  One of satan’s trademarks.  How can they not see Christmas as not being part of the “wine of Babylon” and wish to continue drinking deeply?  Has the infiltrating of sin become so strongly attached we are no longer able to sever the links between secularism and sacred?  To continue using what was given—then, may not be a practical reason—now, to continue following. I just witnessed a photo of well-respected Adventist mixing it up with Santa Clause!  Go figure.

There is coming a time, for some right now, who will make the decision to leave those things behind which keeps us looking back.  A familiar phrase comes to mind, “Remember Lot’s wife!”


December 23, 2016