I’m nearly finished reading, “Counsels on Diet & Food”, and I cannot help but understand, now that I’m a vegetarian again, the truth regarding this statement:

“We should educate ourselves, not only to live in harmony with the laws of health, but to teach others the better way. Many, even of those who profess to believe the special truths for this time, are lamentably ignorant with regard to health and temperance. They need to be educated, line upon line, precept upon precept. The subject must be kept fresh before them. This matter must not be passed over as non-essential; for nearly every family needs to be stirred up on the question. The conscience must be aroused to the duty of practicing the principles of true reform. God requires that His people shall be temperate in all things. Unless they practice true temperance, they will not, they cannot, be susceptible to the sanctifying influence of the truth.”

This explains to me why there are so many different kinds of confusion especially in our many “Christian” churches today.  People are simply not thinking straight, nor have the ability to do so!  Think about it, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t put my health issues in the hands of a doctor who is a smoker or drinker.  I wouldn’t go to a dentist whose teeth were rotten.  Well, now, some would say, they would because they’re going to someone who understands what it means to fail in these areas, so they trust them to do a better job on others.  Well, that’s a valid point, but the point I’m making is, what goes into someone has a definite effect on their mental outlook as well.

When I study about Israel, God gave them a special diet BEFORE they were close to being ready to receive “truth” which would separate them from all the other people in the world.  The Three Hebrews, and Daniel, chose to honor that diet despite probably losing their lives, but because they trusted God and we know the blessings they received, specifically Daniel, who was given “understanding in all manner of dreams and visions”, something we could use today!

I also considered Moses and others, who for 40 years ate manna.  We hear of the complaints of the mixed multitude which infected the “chosen people”, and saw the trouble they encountered.  However, the other side of that coin, there were those who were faithful, and albeit had eaten in Egypt, recognized this was God feeding them and learned to be silent and content and enjoy, overcoming whatever inherent thoughts learned.

I’m experiencing the same.  Although there’s no longer any meat in my house, except for fish, last night I was hungry.  I prepared my vegetable salad and enjoyed it.  I didn’t have a need for anything else, and thus far today, I’ve only had an apple which has sustained me until I am able to finish my morning’s devotions, however, God has given me other tasks to do until that time comes, and it’s 10:38am right now.  And, I feel okay.

My point is, how many of us are trying to share truth with people whose minds are clouded, unable to receive it because of their diet?   How many of us who are trying to share truth whose minds are clouded because we haven’t decided to do what we know is right?  No wonder we’re all messed up, the giver and the receiver!  Friends, we need to take a stand regarding our health to allow God to cleanse our bodies and our minds, so we’re able to reach those God intends to be reached so they will have a desire to learn and understand the truths WE ONLY can bring them.


September 11, 2014


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