During my brief experience involved in the “Pentecostal” church, both “Church of God in Christ” (COGIC) and “Holiness”, there was a practice, after the preaching service, of “Healing Services”.  Here, the pastor or speaker of the hour would call persons to come up front who were suffering from sickness in their body, later branching out for those who knew of someone sick not present at the meeting, and they could “stand in the gap”, “mediate” for the missing individual.  Some would, not all, would then apply a dab of olive oil, or Crisco, whatever was available at the time, on their forehead in the appearance of “anointing” them, ask the receiver to do the “Holy Ghost arrest” spread their arms, hands upward while the minister proceeds to “heal” them, often speaking in what they called, “tongues”, sometimes violently pressing against their head, shaking them.  In my estimation, if nothing else resulted, they would walk away with a headache which sort of counteracted the intended purpose.  And for those who were more demonstrative in their walk, they’d fall onto the floor in the so-called “slain in the spirit experience”, but not once, not one single solitary time did anyone expressed being healed.  Now, those who claimed having some minor ache or pain, would mentioned feeling better, but this could have been solved quite easily by the local pharmacy and taking a single Tylenol capsule.

I’ve never seen anyone missing a limb instantaneously develop a new limb.  I never saw someone suffering and dying of AIDS having recovered. I never saw anyone who was blind to read from the Bible handed to them.  In essence, what I saw was an attempt to duplicate what Christ did while here and later the Apostles upon His departure, but the devil has corrupted the church by these types of display and what we will see, soon, is a more pronounced manifestation of this taking place all for the purpose of deception and confirmation whatever denomination or faith they’re in is real!  After all, who is the one who is responsible for sickness, death and disease but satan and cannot satan remove these in an instant, well, except for death, but even this is not too far from the truth with people claiming to have died and returned!  Bogus nonsense!

While I do believe in the “gift of healing” and know it is being practiced daily in our hospitals and other health facilities, the counterfeit is being held and with quite a following every Sunday in many churches.  Spiritualism is about to take place with such a pronounced venue using Internet and television, so many beguiled individuals will be caught up in the fervor believing Christ is involved, rather, the Holy Spirit, has taken His place within these services and people will have a further expectation of receiving even greater signs.  Little did they read in their Bibles, for they don’t read, how satan will indeed appear to come as an “angel of light”, another “christ” if you will, masquerading and walking among men, healing all manner of disease, just as the legitimate Christ did when here on earth.  And you will not be able to convince these people otherwise because they would have seen it for themselves!

How does it all get started?  Today, just as I have already stated, those “healing services” which are being seen today is the dry-run for what will take place soon.  Oh, you will see people walk away with a foot they hadn’t had when they were wheel-chaired to the front.  Those who showed evidentiary signs of AIDS and other visibly-affected affliction will appear to be normal like Christ healing those of leprosy, and not to be outdone, for all tense and purposes seem to be dead, lying in a casket, will have been given their life back and will testify new revelations of heaven and the realm of the dead, my only advice to you then as it would be now:

Don’t believe it!


September 14, 2015