Today, I returned to the medical office where I had my appointment to hear the results of tests the previous week.  There is one concern I’ll share with you.  Keep in mind I haven’t had a physical examination in at least 35 years!  I’m not one for visiting doctors, for various reasons, but it’s not just me anymore therefore, I can no longer be selfish.

One of the concerns involves a blockage in my aorta.  When I told the physician I had decided to return to my roots as a vegetarian, due to my faith as a Seventh Day Adventist, there was first a recognition then the determination it is no longer a concern.  She knew the truth.  I know the truth and for a moment my health issue became a tool to witness.

I’m having my morning’s devotions rather late today due to the appointment and came across this quotation, “Luke’s success as a physician gained for him many opportunities for preaching Christ among the heathen. It is the divine plan that we shall work as the disciples worked. Physical healing is bound up with the gospel commission. In the work of the gospel, teaching and healing are never to be separated.”  I can vouch today, without uncertainty this is the truth.

This leads me to my main point:  there are many voices out there which try to convince you theirs is the way to follow.  Consider a moment the Children of Israel in the Wilderness experience.  Before God could minister to them, He had to change their diet.  There is something about our diet which actually takes us away from God and this needs to be understood.  When we’ve chosen to eat anything and everything despite the warnings given by the medical profession and the profession of the Holy Spirit of the diet prescribed by Scripture with dietary laws, we then place upon ourselves the illnesses, sicknesses and diseases of those who haven’t been blessed with this information.  If our bodies are inflicted our minds become clouded and our ability to understand spiritual matters is lessened!  Did you know this?  How comical yet sad is when Christian families gather around tables and asks the Lord’s blessing upon that which He has condemned!

How can any religious denomination claim to contain the favor of God when the pastor is drinking and smoking?  How can there be any favor upon the congregation when diverse kinds of unclean food is prepared and gluttonized over?  In fact, if your church does not have an established healthcare medical facilities, then what is the purpose of your whole religious experience?  While Jesus preached the Gospel. He healed.  The disciples were taught to heal and preached the Gospel.  Too many churches today are claiming to preach the Gospel but there is no healing!  Oh, let’s not get confused.  Those “healing services” where people come up for healing, say some pain in their back or head, and the minister rubs a little “grease” on their forehead calling it an anointing, and then prayer is made…My goodness!  Take an aspirin!  If there is real healing going on, let it be cancer, or this epidemic with Ebola.  Now, that’s real healing.  When was the last time you saw someone dead being raised?  Or someone who’s blind can now see, or a cancer patient recovered?  THAT’S HEALING and not this hocus pocus stuff we see weekly after some services!

I’m not one to blow my own horn but it needs to be known, and I’m proud to announce it, but second only to the Catholic Church, the Seventh Day Adventist Church has the largest, worldwide healthcare system, facilities and training universities through the entire world!  Name one other church which can make this claim.  Also, it is no secret because of the health message Seventh Day Adventists live longer and healthier qualitative lives than any other groups of people on the planet!  If there was ever any evidence, this should be it!

You can’t minister without the Gospel and part of that ministry should involve a health message.  Without them working in tandem, well, you don’t have anything at all!


October 2, 2014


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