If it weren’t for the casual meeting and by chance speaking with neighbors, little would we have known about the imminent destruction of our apartment.  It seems there is a major highway development plan and it is going right through this section of the building.  Perhaps the landlord hadn’t cared to mention when we first chose this place, but after having lived here for three years you would have thought it would have been a courtesy to forewarn us in advance!  But, it would mean less income and not wanting to deal with the rush of tenants seeking other places, so they’ve chosen to remain silent regarding the issue as they’re hoping to circumvent the government’s action of “imminent domain” being used.

Has your landlord given you notice?

Currently we are all living on borrowed time as well as borrowed homes.  The enemy very well knows this “imminent domain” God is going to cause to occur on this planet.  You see, He was the Landlord who gave us the right of ownership but our dad sold us out and so we’ve been renters on this planet ever since.  The devil is definitely silent about what God is getting ready to do so we’re left out in the open like this home being demolished in the photo.  They wouldn’t take no for answer and stayed until the last minute.  The devil is hoping many of you will do the same because, like him, he has no place to go and hoping for as many of you to accompany him as possible.

I saw an Internet site which showed how the highway is being constructed and the technology being used.  It is quite impressive what man can do.  I’ve always found it fascinating how they can build bridges beginning at the same time from opposite ends and meet in the middle.  The same is occurring with this super-highway.  We’re caught somewhere in the middle and probably by this time next year what we called “home” and have made some improvements, using our own dime, will have all been for nought.

Have you bothered to check out God’s site—the Bible.  It specifically gives warning about how things are going to be happening, quick and rapidly, too!  It is truly fascinating how in Rev. 14 He has given a blueprint of what will take place; and He’s provided enough information so we are not caught in the middle of the imminent events and the improvements being made within our lives will have gone for our good.

Your landlord won’t give you notice, but God has.  I would suggest you begin making plans to move, too!


June 2, 2016