A misguided brother makes this claim on his post,

“The churches of Christ are different, but not different solely for the sake of being different. The difference comes from the doctrines upon which it stands. It is not governed by creeds of men, councils, or synods. The New Testament is complete and our only authority for directing every act of work and worship.”

How many of you attended schools were given half a textbook to govern your education through the semester?  Why is it churches—today, can think of themselves as being “complete” by making the claim only half the Bible is “complete” and “their” only authority…for worship?

Was it not a “complete” God who gave us the “Word”?  Is not the “Word” complete in itself, one testament the foundation and the other testament the fulfillment of it?  Do you not need both in order to have a complete whole?  What are some of the dangers inherent when one thinks they understand but do away with the basis of knowledge?  It is a sad day when one thinks they can possibly interpret meanings, prophecy and understand the New Testament while casting aside the Old Testament as being not relevant for salvation and worship.

Those who utilize only half the Scriptures will run amok with misinformation, because you cannot have a “complete understanding” while using half the Bible.  You need it in totality or you don’t have anything at all!  By making a division in the Scriptures, you in effect make a division in God and we know this could never be.  By doing away with everything prior to Matthew, you tear apart that which is written in Isaiah 8:20, one of the keys of clear understanding of the Bible:

“To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”

Well!  This explains their other big problem, why they don’t accept God’s Law, the Ten Commandments, because they don’t have the part of the Bible which tells them they should!  Therefore, they cannot accept the last part of this verse because it’s quite difficult to see when there is no light.


November 8, 2016