This morning as I’m reading my morning’s devotion it is mentioned the education, training of the youth with regards to sensuality.  I have to admit, I’m thankful I never had children if nothing but because of this subject, and as compared with many of my peers, the struggle now would be even worse with regards to what would have been my grandchildren!

Going back to my generations, there were protective measures to guard against us obtaining sensual material.  For one, the clubs along Euclid had to be of legal age.  Most of us kids saved our quarters to plug three of them in the machines to get a Playboy magazine provided the proprietor of the store was not observing.  Later, we learned how to steal them off the shelf, gather with our friends in an adult-supervision lack environment, to devour the contents to satisfy our developing hormones.  On two occasions, once at 11 and again at 14, I would find two caches of magazines in a wooded area, but this would be the extent of coming into contact before I was legal age.  How many of us remember the bathing-suited beauty who appeared near the crossword puzzle in the TV Guide?  And, we call those the “innocent days”.

Today with the Internet and the proliferation of smart phones, given to our children for purposes our being able to track them, for one, and their ability to be within contact, the second.  In my day, the command was, “Stay within the hearing of my voice when I call for you,” meant staying on the street.  Today, that street has become the World Wide Web highway, and the mere pressing of a button brings the child within the hearing of that voice.  Research and conferring with teachers and classmates is also regarded an important and practical use of these phones, but they’ve also exposed, no pun intended, what would be a new and exciting methodology of communication unlike experienced in my day.

When Jack wanted to see Jill’s goodies, being city dwellers, we had to go find an abandoned piece of woods, or dwelling to capture the moment in one’s mind.  Today, cameras are a common app which gives those “inquiring minds want to know” this ability, not only between classmates but between chat mates, often situated in different continents.  Yes, our world has grown smaller by technology but our resource for sin has grown greater and stronger as younger ones become confronted with that which is now commonplace and expected.  While I waited until I was 21 and then 18 to be able to see, the youth of today can see it—easily, even while the parent is sitting in the same room!

No, this is not a condemnation of computers and smart phones.  It’s not even a condemnation of the industry which proliferates the material which can cause irreparable damage in the minds of adults plagued with the activity done in one’s youth, but it is a condemnation of the enemy’s continual attack reaching in areas not before considered.  I remember hearing people pray, “Lord, put a hedge of protection around my family…” and THIS should be the prayer especially for those who have children, those underage as well as for those overage because we need it.  We surely need it.


June 4, 2015


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