In doing my daily devotion I came across an interesting concept while reading the “Catholic” bible.  Read this comment on Romans 11:

[4] Seven thousand: This is very ill alleged by some, against the perpetual visibility of the church of Christ; the more, because however the number of the faithful might be abridged by the persecution of Jezabel in the kingdom of the ten tribes, the church was at the same time in a most flourishing condition (under Asa and Josaphat) in the kingdom of Judah.

Now, read what their version of the Scripture says:

[2] God hath not cast away his people, which he foreknew. Know you not what the scripture saith of Elias; how he calleth on God against Israel?

[3] Lord, they have slain thy prophets, they have dug down thy altars; and I am left alone, and they seek my life.

[4] But what saith the divine answer to him? I have left me seven thousand men, that have not bowed their knees to Baal.

[5] Even so then at this present time also, there is a remnant saved according to the election of grace.

First, I find it interesting the “church of Baal”, Roman Catholicism, cannot see how they’re talking against itself, and they have the indignity to explain it away as if this time was “STILL” good because it was flourishing, rather, still growing despite what Elisha was experiencing.  Elisha was not talking about the “numbers” of the people.  He was speaking about “God’s true people” WITHIN the numbers of the people.

This very same situation persists in the church today.

While churches might seem to be growing, by numbers, is it growing by faith?  Are we as individuals growing closer to God or do we become automatons accepting, never questioning, never searching, never studying, never growing within, never mind the growth without?  Ask yourself this question:  “Does not matter the time of day you read this, but had you had your “daily” devotion?  Or, does that occur some time during the week when you have time?  Did you have your “closet” prayer time today?  Some might even ask, Bro. Roy, what is “closet” prayer and if you have to ask, I’ll just shake my head and do like Elisha, saying, “Lord, am I the only one…?”

Before there can be any real growth in our church, in your church, there has to be growth taking place within each one of us individually.  How many of you would want a relationship where your spouse is just there but there is no interaction, no growing, no nothing?  I know I wouldn’t!

Let’s not be fooled into thinking because it was standing room only, in church, there was truly an empty pew in your soul and heart!



January 9, 2017