I am often held in wonderment when I hear those men in ministry remark how many years they’ve been serving in the capacity as a preacher, elder or evangelist.  Now, this post is not about comparing one’s work against another for how can such have any value for we’re all called for a purpose and to reach those within our sphere.  This post is to demonstrate none of us know how long we may serve and in what regard how our work might have such an impact on others.  However, it could also be read as an indictment against those who “claim” to be a Christian and haven’t gotten up off the chair and done one iota of work in the salvation of others!

My thoughts are about John the Baptist.  He was called the “greatest of men born of a woman”:

“Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” Matt 11:11 (KJV)

With all the special care surrounding his birth, later his Holy Spirit training given in his youth, to appear on the scene of actual ministry, baptizing and exhorting others to do what is right, only later to be imprisoned and killed, his actual public ministry, which might be surprising to some, was about six months!  And look at all which was accomplished in this short span of time and yet his name goes on and on and on…

Again, this is not to be made as a comparison to our lack or strength but to encourage those who haven’t begun to show any effort in doing something.  Should you go today what would those you leave behind have to say about you? And I should hasten to add, “will still be true?”  For sure, some of you, it is not your time, but for those of us whose time has been around for quite some time, what have you done worthy of note?  Who have you touched, spoken, shared, sung or wrote?  Is there anyone today who will testify about you having said, did anything which caused them to have a closer walk with the Lord?

Why not begin your ministry—today.


March 14, 2015


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