As I am re-learning and re-discovering our earliest beginnings as members of this great Church of Christ, the Seventh Day Adventist, this particular thought came across my mind,

“Had they been correct regarding the interpretation of Dan. 8:14, those of us alive today and willingly serving the Lord would not have been able to have met our ‘appointment’.  We would not be alive!”

Think about it, then would have been ushered the Millennium and the Heavenly Experience would now be taking place and it is for certain, according to Scripture, there would not be any marriages taking place nor would there be any birthing.  You and I would not exist!  Now, there may be some blessing in the fact we would not also be suffering but seriously, when you think about your life and the many sadness’s you’re experiencing, even today, isn’t it worth it knowing Christ and His applying that, “Balm of Gilead”?  Like Andrae Crouch’s song, “If heaven was never promised to me, it was worth just having the Lord in my life…”  Despite my 15 years of hard drug addiction, homelessness, jail and prison time, and multiple suicide attempts I can still be grateful because it was through those experiences I’ve come to know the Lord and am grateful I AM still here, grateful I AM here and although our pioneers made a mistake God hadn’t and we’ve been brought here, for this appointed time, for a purpose yet unknown to many but no one would have lived a purposeless life having lived and believed in God.

It is no disappointment, to me, that our forebears were wrong because God was right.  He showed despite our error some good thing could result.  I think the experience of 1844 and the “Great Disappointment Day” experience was to give us a foretaste of the greater “Disappointment Day” yet ahead when many would have expected to be saved and weren’t!  Oh, we don’t want to even think about this but it is a truth which cannot be avoided.  If what we could learn anything about what took place is what IS to take place and not too long in the future.  If we can learn by what they felt, what they went through, I believe it will be enough to gather us together and continue pressing forward no matter the difficulties ahead whether corporately as a body of believers and individually when we’re personally attacked by the evil one.

Do not have this “great disappointment” to be a part of your future when it has already been a part of your past.


January 30, 2015


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