Reading of what occurred in 1843 and later in 1844, we come to understand and appreciate the pain, humiliation, shame and downright “disappointment” experienced by those who anxiously believed and waited upon the Second Coming of the Lord.  While going through my morning’s devotion, I could not help but to have a “vision”, if you will, of that Day when the same kind of “disappointment” will be experienced; however, in a different way and the Lord made it personal, so I would be able to know enough how to articulate it to those who would read this post.

There are two phases of this “disappointment”.  The first with regards to the actual Second Coming event.  Can you possibly imagine having lived with the expectation of being saved and in that moment when He is seen, noticing loved ones and friends to undergo a change and it is not happening to you!  We’re told the saints will be lifted to meet Christ in the air.  It will be a bad day, a very BAD day when you’re looking at the bottoms of people’s feet as they move from this place toward Christ and your feet never leaves the ground.

The second type of “disappointment” occurs when Christ and the saints return after the Millennium, and you know already about the second resurrection.  Can you possibly imagine what it would be like to be raised in that day, knowing Scripture and fully believing you’re one of the saved, and realize the resurrection you’re coming up in is not the first one!  When you see family and loved ones within the walls of the Holy City, and recognize you are not a citizen of that goal you once had and believed you would be a part of.

Great Disappointment, Again!

The “world”, as we call them, don’t have any expectation of being saved.  While there will be some anger of not living properly, not caring about doing right, and not believing it to be accurate, when they realize their mistake, I think it will be easily accepted they’re getting their just desserts, like the repentant thief on the cross when he chided the other condemned man.  But it will be those of us who grew up in the Faith, who witnessed to others, who believed, prayed, became churchgoing people and yet there was that one thing which kept us out of the Kingdom.  I don’t know what it is, for you, but I surely know what it could be, would be, for me.

We can go through the disappointment, now, of giving up that which we love, for it is a disappointment, isn’t it?  When we surrender those things we enjoy and love to do what is right.  That kind of disappointment is something we can easily learn to appreciate, but if we should suffer the earlier described disappointments, and it doesn’t matter which one, then it will not be so easily accepted because there is no second chances.

Let’s not be a part of any more Great Disappointments.


August 10, 2015


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