We’ve all seen them if not heard them.

As a young boy being conveyed to Wednesday evening prayer meeting, by my grandmother, I always felt it strange to be in our huge church in the middle of the week, with only the first section being used and even then most of the seats were vacant as compared to the Sabbath service where hardly a seat could be found if you came late. I remember certain ones would always get up to say something when it was time to give a “testimony”. I’d listen. I was often bored, not quite eleven and wondered mostly what these people were talking about. Some would, no, most would begin by stating they weren’t feeling well…and…TAKE AN ASPIRIN and GET TO WORK! Would be my thoughts because I was too young to voice my opinion. Week after week I would listen and comment, again, to myself, “That’s a testimony?” Hardly seem worth mentioning. It was then I prayed, “Lord, when I grow up, give me a testimony worth hearing.” Little did I know what I was asking!

Now I am grown and those “folks” have since gone on (dead), and it is for certain after many, many years of life, God answered my prayer and given me a testimony. But, ohhhh, what I had to go through in order to get one, I believe, worthy of sharing. While it may have had something to do about not feeling well certainly no aspirin could possibly begin to heal what it was that ailed me. If given the opportunity to tell my “testimony”, often there isn’t a dry eye in the room, but it makes me wonder if God was called upon to give a testimony, His version regarding me, the things He would testify would no doubt rock my world, and maybe yours, too!

While we tend to share about our worse moments and what God did for us, what would God’s testimony be like concerning us? Would it be about His worse moments about us and what He did in order to bring us out? Would He talk about when I picked up the crackpipe for the first time and He knowing the many years He would be involved in putting to death that addiction? Would He share the many times I’ve stolen, or the many times the handcuffs were placed upon my wrists, or the many hours in isolation, a cell where He, too, but by His choice, remained confined, with me. And then would His testimony get to the part about His Son and what He did, for me, in order to not only bring me out of that prison cell, addiction and other such issues I managed to find myself in, to bring me out of this sinful condition and world in order that I might have life, eternal life? Would this be the testimony of God how He saved me?

No doubt, there would definitely not be a dried eye in that service. Today, we can begin to do two things: (1) Lighten the load of our testimony by determining to follow Jesus all the way, and (2) Lessen the testimony of God and what He had to do in order to save us. Don’t let the “test” which we have to go through in order to have a “testimony” be as severe on account of what we have done. There’s an enemy standing nearby who is well enough and prepared enough to bring us down. Let’s decide not to make it too easy for him.


October 1, 2016