I sat here for a moment reflecting about myself and how I’ve come along to reach this very point, and then compared with my peers in my age group, in comparison with those both older and younger, and tried to understand how there could ever been any agreement, a consensus among us all.  I think I’m beginning to understand how and why social network groups, such as Facebook, is able to maintain such a presence in the world, and pretty much the answer is:  we don’t agree and it is disagreement which fuels the system.

Disagreement which fuels the system.

From “Women’s Ordination” to a “child’s photo of reprimand”, to “ring wearing SDA’s”, to “2520”, to a whole gamut of beliefs, opinions and disagreements, if Christ is waiting upon us all to agree prior to coming, well, He would never arrive to this destination!  My walk is not your walk and your walk is not my walk, and why should you see how I see things, and expect me to see things the way you do?  Even if we were walking together and an accident occurred before our very eyes, given separate interviews, the only common ground between the two reports would have been simply, “I saw an accident.”

We read, well, had been the case up until the 80’s, the same Bible, although we do read the same Spirit of Prophecy writings, and yet we cannot agree where we are in endtime events.  Certain situations and events affect individuals differently and while we gravitate toward those of similar understanding, as much as it is possible, yet we hold back, those who are less confrontational than others and then you have me on the other side of the spectrum who doesn’t mind confrontation, and although on the surface there appear agreement, inwardly, there is none.

Is there any wonder?  Is there any hope of us uniting and if there is, what would it be?

“Self” is both the problem and the answer.  It is only when my “self” respects your “self” is when we’ll begin finding not compromise, but union between God’s people.  And “love” should be the fuel which brings this about instead of “disagreement”.  I think we would all agree, while we all see Jesus differently, we can be thankful He sees us all differently, too!  I know I would not want to be lumped together with you and you better hope He doesn’t lump you together, with me, especially me knowing me and what I’ve gone through!  You most definitely don’t want to be punished for my sins, and neither I, yours, so what’s the answer?

We have to remind ourselves continually there IS a Holy Spirit who is working amongst us.  He is more than aware of what you and I need to form a perfect union between us, between us and God, and we should rest in His work.  I’ve got some rough edges when brought together in close quarters, with you, is going to hurt you, until He has soften, subdued and polished me.  No wonder He hasn’t come yet, because until the work is completed, I would not have stood a chance to be saved.  So, while I am still a work in progress, I have to remember you are, too, and THAT is the one thing we do have in common.

So, no matter if you were for or against women’s ordination, whether you see jewelry an issue or not, whether your understanding of prophecy is as mine or not, the one thing should be apparent is I love you and hopefully you love me, and we avoid each other’s sharp edges until we’re able to press in closer together because we love each other and recognize if we are to spend eternity together, it begins today, for today is today’s beginning of eternity.


July 20, 2015


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