I read this quote in my today’s morning devotions:

“God’s holy law is the only standard by which we can estimate divine affection. If we do not accept the law of God as our standard, we set up a standard of our own.”

The question needs to be asked:  “What are you using as the standard of God’s love, for you?”

I would hope anyone attempting to answer such a question, their answer would be:  “Because Christ died for me and this is my standard of love.”  You would answer correctly.  But WHY did Christ die for you?  What would compel Him to do this?  Yes, the obvious answer is love, but for who?  Because this answer is broken into two reasons:  (1) For God’s Law, and (2) You and I. And in this order.

God gave His Law, His Ten Commandments, to man, so by having this Guide we would know how to “love” Him and how to “love” our fellowmen.  How would you possibly know how to do either without His Law being the guide?  It would be impossible to achieve.  However, because we failed to keep His Ten Commandments, not because there was something wrong with them, or us, but because we “chose” to violate them, God in His great mercy and love still wanted me and you.  Can you imagine this!  I have in essence told Him I didn’t love Him and yet He still loves me!  What greater love could there be?  The answer:  Him sending His Son, Jesus, to show me how to find my way back to God and then to pay my penalty for having broken the Ten Commandments, to reconcile me back to God as if I had never broken them before!  WOW.  What manner of love is this (1 John 3:1)

The ETERNAL Law of God found in the Ten Commandments, so precious, so good, so, so, GOD, had to be vindicated.  In fact, Friends, if the Law of God could be changed, in any way, then there would have been no need for Christ to have died for us!  Think about it, the fact it could not be changed, not one “jot” or “tittle”, was the reason why I had to die, but Christ stood in my stead.  If it couldn’t be changed then, why do those think it is changed now and they’re no longer under it’s obligation to do them?  How can you claim to love God and your fellowman if you do not honor them and know them?  The short answer is:  You can’t and you don’t love God or anyone, never mind yourself when you’ve chosen to discard the only example of what love is!

God already demonstrated how important His Law was to Him.  Could you do any better?


September 18, 2014


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