My example was my grandfather.  He had cancer and knew his days were nearing an end.  I heard, because I was not there, some of what he did in preparing for this time leaving his wife, my grandmother behind.  He was in his early seventies, had lived a good life, raised four sons, a host of grandchildren, and despite the struggle of the “black” man, had done well, was comfortable but it was not enough, for him.  He needed to make sure his wife was going to live a life of ease just as he believed he had done for himself in comparison with those who proceeded him.

My grandfather loved sedans.  It was the car I learned to drive, four door sedans.  He had, as far as I can remember, a Plymouth Gran Fury and then his last new car was a Chrysler Newport.  Man, did I enjoy driving that car as a teenager when we left church.  When I got my license he’d throw me the keys, to the Plymouth, so I could take my brothers and friends back to evening services sparing them of having to return since the afternoon was really for us.  Before he left this world he purchased a smaller two-door car, for my grandmother, who would have less difficulty getting it into and out of the garage, which was a little smaller than the garages which are built today.  He had the house painted and repaired problem areas.  And when he breathed his last, he left knowing she would be provided for both financially and comfortably.

Now that I have crossed over the 60 mark, the same thinking I now have for me and mine.  What can I do to make her life comfortable?  Insurance becomes a consideration and having sold insurance once upon a time, and having been a financial advisor many years ago, it is not something I have to wonder, but make the right choices which will result in the greater benefit.  However, as a Christian, I never thought about this, until now, about the policy God is offering for those of us who desire to receive it.  How does a policy guaranteeing you the ability to live the lifespan of God!  Whoaaaa, that’s a lotta years.  And the best part of it, it is “guaranteed”.  Just let some policy seller down here try to tell you that, or sell you something which is “guaranteed”.  NOTHING is guaranteed here except you will die.  And any salesman, or saleswoman, who uses the word, “guarantee” in their sales presentation, you better usher them to the door and look for another.  With all the companies closing or losing value, there is no such thing as being “guaranteed” anything in this life other than the policy God is offering.

Think about it.  To “live as long as God”!  That is something.  It means, can you imagine, seeing all He has seen, and will see, in terms of us!  It means knowing and learning and understanding more than you could have possibly done so in the sixty or seventy years we are blessed to have lived here.  And, and this is the kicker, our abilities are not diminished by age, illness or other factors and our stamina remains the same throughout eternity!  Now, those are some good selling points I’d like to experience.  And this is definitely a policy I’d like to put my signature onto.

If you’d like to take advantage of God’s insurance policy, it will require some reading of the policy.  It is found in the Bible.  One particular verse gives you all the points you need:  “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

Where do I sign?

August 9, 2017