…What You said, but we don’t anymore.  You gave us Your Word but we’ve written our own.  We think we got it right and have done a better job.  We also believe what You wrote is outdated and not current.  And, we expect You to accept us all the same.  We expect you to go along with what we want to do, how we want to live, and we expect because You love us, that You will continue to love us even while we do what You said not to do, because Your love overlooks all faults.  Right, God?

We realized you made Adam and Eve.  But you forgot someone.  You made it clear how we are to live, but we believe You didn’t complete what You did.  You see, we want Adam to find another Adam and Eve to find another Eve, and it will be fine if they do what Adam and Eve were supposed to do.  We also want to have some people who don’t know if they are Adam or Eve and they can live, dress, and just go wherever they want to go, because, well, You love them, too, right?  And it does not matter what they do because Your love is not supposed to distinguish between people and actions, because Your love covers a multitude of faults.  Right, God?

So, all this threatenings about You destroying us by fire can’t be right, huh, God?  I mean, after all, You love us the way we are because according to “our” Bible this is how You made us.  It is okay that I am gay or transgender.  I know You still love me and there is no doubt, but can You accept me like this?  Can You save me like this?  Does it really matter, to you, God, because of this great love You claim You have for us means that everything I do is fine because we love You and You love us, and nothing gets between our love and relationship, right, God?

In other words, God, what You said was considered “sin”, was really a mistake because there are more and more of us “sinning” and we can’t all be wrong, right?  Now God, it is not necessary for You to explain any of this anymore because we have preachers who understand us and even if they’re not like us they tell us what we want to hear and make us feel good to be in Your presence.  They’ve learned to display a type of love that, well, You need to take a lesson from!  That’s right, God.  You need to get with the times, and change that rainbow of seven colors to six.  You need to begin asking us what we want to be BEFORE we end up on the planet, just in case You get it wrong.

So, now that You understand us better, we expect Your love to change to our love because after all, it’s all about “love”.  Right, God?

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May 14, 2016